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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I honestly haven't kept up here b/c I feel so much going on is negative. And, sometimes you just want to share positive news. I was waiting for that to roll around.

So, I am anxiously awaiting a conference call from a heart specialist (Electrophysiologist) in Oklahoma City. She is calling today to speak with my family about what looks like our 1 option for me. She (the doc herself) called me on Wednesday and told me that the only option she saw was experimental and risky. Her words, not mine. She said she put me in "tentatively" for heart surgery on Oct 6 (just happens to be 3 days after my 25th birthday). She requested todays call to be a family thing, where atleast one other person be listening and participating in the conversation. I chose my Mom b/c she is an RN and worked 10+ years at the Heart Hospital. The doc also told us to record the call so we could refer to it again while making the decision.

To be quite honest, I am scared out of my mind. Not only do I feel like I have been run over on most days I also have some weird, eerie feeling of death. My mom sat down and sumed up my tests and things for a family member in a recent email. I thought I would post that for those interested. Please continue to keep Logen & I, as well as our family in your prayers.

* We have not heard anything on Logen's test results. I will post them as soon as I know something! *

"As you know Jess has been hospitalized 3 times since Nov 08 for "a racing heart" called SVT, Hypotensive crisis (low bl pressure) The cardiac catheterization showed no blockages in the arteries: a right & left were done. The right side checks for pressures inside the heart as well as the amount of oxygen. The heart itself is in good shape as far as healthy strong muscle. The electical conduction appears to be the issue although they could not see the right ventricle.

So far she has gone through:
ECG-sensors that detect electrical activity of the heart that measures timing & duration of each electrical phase in your heartbeat (this is only as good as the minute it is being done)

Holter monitor-worn for 48 hrs to record activity during a routine day, on more than one occasion.

Echocardiogram-uses sound waves to produce images of heart size, structure & motion.

CT & MRI-collects images of the heart & chest. Stress Test-failed this test within the first 5 min, so was unable to complete r/t heart rate above 200 while on the treadmill.

Electrophysiologic testing & mapping-catheters tipped with electrodes threaded through blood vessels to a variety of spots w/in the heart. The electrodes map the spread of electrical impulses through the heart. They stimulate the heart to beat at rates that trigger an arrhythmia hoping to find what may be causing the problem.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)-meaures how well the lungs are working, expanding & contracting & of exchanging oxygen & carbon dioxide efficiently between the air (or other gases) within the lungs & the blood. It records changes in lung size as air is inhaled & exhaled & the time it takes for the patient to complete the task.

So, as you can see she has endured a lot in the past 10 months, with very little explanation as to why she is short of breath after walking a short distance, poor circulation (blue toe syndrome) & a heart rate that cause fatigue/weakness with minimal tasks, dizziness & several faiting spells.

The cardio & pulmonologists are puzzled with what appears to be a healthy 24 yo who goes to school full time & is raising 2 small children. She is an over acheiver & it is extremely difficult to hold her back from doing all she does in a day."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Had a heart cath done yest and they put me in cardiac ICU for the night. I don't think ill be goin home today.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NEW doctor, NEW plan!

Ok, so... I'm on night 4 in the hospital and i've lost my sense of humor. I'll give a run-down of whats up.

I passed out walking down the hall Sunday. I was home alone with both boys, Adam had run to the store. When he walked back in, him pushing on the door must've brought me "too". The boys were laying on top of me. He put me on the bed and got me dressed and on we went to the ER.

I went straight back b/c of my heart stuff. They checked cardiac enzymes, etc. I had had a migraine all day I couldn't kick. They decided to do a head CT. They started an IV and gave me morphine for chest/head pain. 5 hours later they said it was to risky to let me leave, they admitted me.

Monday, they watched me, did EKGs, and ran labs. Tuesday we did an echo, EKG's, a pulmonary function test and more labs. Today we've done EKG's, labs and called in a new doc!

My EP actually said yesterday that he thought I passed out b/c I have a UTI. Seriously, we were all ticked. We called in a new Cardio today who I really liked. First thing tomorrow I will get up and do a stress scho. My heart got up to 150 today (and I am sedentary in here, let me tell you). So, he wants to see what it does with activity. He said he is going to be in there to watch me. My BP is staying low (too low actually) at 95/59. I'm already on the highest doses they make of 2 heart meds, so we are kinda at the end of the rope with medication therapy.
Our new plan is extensive and several tests may be repeated. I have been under so much radiation this year, I think my insides are fried. I've had my blood taken so many times, I honestly cannot even feel them stick me.

Please say a prayer for our family. The boys are really having a hard time with this. Parker slept on the couch last night b/c he couldn't sleep, not even in Mom's bed! Last night when he left the hospital he held my hand and said "go with me, mommy". Talk about breaking my heart. Mr Logen adapts to change like no other. He is very happy to see me when he comes to visit and has the biggest smile ever. It's the bestest!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So far today we've done the echo, lab work, and pulmonary test. I was not-so-great at the lung thing let me tell ya.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I may b here few days. We r testing my cortisol levels, cardiac enzymes, pulmonary functions, possible repeat echo and possible heart cath. Plz PRAY!!!!!

I'm in the hosp. Plz say prayers. We've had not so good news n last few wks. I fell last night/was disoriented. Will update ltr. Prayers plz. Thnks!

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