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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting Nervous

We are flying Thursday... as in "on a plane high in the sky" flying. Those things that crash, that get stuck for hours on run ways, that people hijack....... Ohhhhh..... can you feel the anxiety? I haven't flown since becoming a mom ( it has been about 4 years). I'm one of those 'glass half empty' kinda people. We aren't leaving for a few days and my stomach is already in knots. It's not completely about the fact that I am freaking out about crashing--- It's also about flying with my 2 children (dare I say 3 children?!)
So... besides just needing to vent about the fact that I am a nervous wreck, I want to know how to manage the airport with a 10 month old and a 4 y/o who doesn't listen. We have to take Logen's carseat on the plane, and I assume we are checking Parker's infant seat. How am I going to make it through 3 airports w/o a stroller??!! And, the whole rule about no liquids sucks. Logen's beverages have to be thickened. Therefore, I am going to have to pack extra thickener and cups with us so I can pay outrageous prices for milk and juice at the airport. Good thing Parker still gets 'the boob'.
This isn't the last "freaking out" thread before Thursday-- I'm sure. I'm stressing about what to pack, how to pack, blah blah blah. When we drive our own car- there is no problem with running back into the house to grab that extra pair or shoes or throw in an extra pillow for the road. Can't do that when you fly. Everything must be packed neatly and with much thought.
Enough of the stress for the night. I've already endulged in about 10 oreo's and DH made some chocolate chip cookies after he discovered I had finished off the oreo's- so I was 'forced' to eat about 4 of those. And, he makes big cookies!!! I'm sure my body will thank me for all of those calories right before bed.
Oh, ya- not sure if I said where we were going to fly to- Corpus Christi. We are staying there Thursday night. Then going to Victoria, TX Friday and Saturday night. My momma & step dad are going with us (so 2 adults, 4 children- in all reality... haha (the men are the extra children)). It's more of a family reunion trip. I haven't seen this side of the family since I was close to age 9. I'm pretty excited about seeing them. They are all grown up now... married with kids of their own. One of my goals is to get some great beach pics of the boys! (If we make it..... oh, there's that negativity again...)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Therapy Schmarapy

Last week, when we arrived at Vital Stim there was a little boy in OT throwing a fit. He had just been "taped" and was not happy about it. He began yelling at him mom and the OT.

He said:
"I'm sick of this therapy crap! I'm not going to do it anymore. You can't make me do it. I don't want to do it. I hate it!"

At that point, I wanted to lay down in the floor and scream the same thing. I was thinking, if Logen could only talk- I bet you a million dollars there are days he'd say the exact same thing.

How great would it be to run away and leave therapy for once? Does anybody ever think of that? Sometimes its just hard- We spend 15 hours in therapy a week. That doesn't include drive time and getting ready to go to therapy. I feel like all we do it get ready to go see Ms ..... for therapy. I want to run away to a village where everybody is 'different'.

Don't get me wrong Logen would not have come as far as he has w/o therapy. It's wonderful and I am thankful that we do get as much as we do. But, it runs me ragged. Emotionally drains me. I wish Logen could tell me how he feels about therapy. Does it drain him? I know it wears him out!!!!

Guess I'm just in one of 'those moods'.

Laundry Helper

Parker has decided to help Momma do the laundry. I was loading the washer and he was standing up outside the basket. I walked to the bathroom to get the rest of the laundry and when I came back this is what I saw! I have no clue how he got in the basket! He wasn't upset about it-- until he wanted out!

Polly Wogs

Logen got his new braces (Polly Wogs)! He's done well in them! They are already dirty b/c he's been wearing them w/o socks in his knock-off crocs.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Readin' The Paper

1st Time on Grass

The last 10 days....

I've not had computer access. We've had a very busy week(s)!! I'll be catching up with pics throughout the next few days.

Saturday, Sept 8th

We went to Hot Springs for My Dad's suprise party! My mom was awesome & came too so that she could watch the boys- it was a 'no kids' thing. My Daddy turned 50 on the 13th! Wow! I can't believe he's half way to 100. LOL (Pics to come)

Wednesday, Sept 12

Was my Dr's appt regarding headaches. We scheduled an MRI for the 14th. She gave me an rx for imitrex, but it's labeled "probably safe" for breastfeeding moms- so I'm only to take it if my head is really pounding (which is pretty much all the time) I went to get it filled & it comes in packages of 9. It was going to be 60 bucks!!!! (250 if I were uninsured). I didn't fill it. I decided to wait for the MRI results. The IM dr wasn't 100% convinced that they are just migraines b/c they tend to get worse at night- when it's dark & quite.

Thursday, Sept 13

My Dad's 50!!!!!!!!

Logen got "dismissed" from preschool. This really deserves a post on it's own. I cannot tell you all how much I cried last Thursday. They let me drop Logen off on Thursday & acted "peachy". Misty (the teacher) had told me Tuesday that Logen was having a hard time sitting in circle time. So, I talked with his therapists & had given Misty so tips. She acted like nothing was wrong- knowing all along that this was Logen's last day. When I came in to get him, the director followed me into the class. After everybody left they said :it's just not going to work". Logen requires alot of extra help. He can't pull up his own pants, or wash hands w/o help, he has to be re-directed during circle time, the walk to the play ground is down a hill & he has a hard time with that.... a bunch of little sh*t!!!!! They had cupcakes Tuesday for snack & Logen had it everywhere- in his hair and ears... I can only imagine what the table looked like. I think that had alot to do with it. He did look very sad Tuesday when I picked him up- he wasn't being as included as I think he should have been during art time. I was peeking through the window. Misty would hold up a picture of a food item & ask who likes it. If you raised your hand, you got one to glue on your paper. Logen, obviously, has a hard time with this- so he had no papers to glue. The look on his face was sad. This bothered me quit a bit- so maybe getting 'kicked out' was for the best. Now, I get to search for a school again. It's not fair for Logen to go into a program, get used to it and then have to leave. Not to mention- I had to completely re-arrange his therapy. Now, our therapists cannot give us our old times and our therapy schedule SUCKS! It was working around school- but now, theres no school to work around. I'm still bitter about this. Why did they even say they would try if they didn't put their whole hearts into it??? I don't think they really really tried. Logen is not a hard kid. Sure he cannot wipe his own a$$ (from the movie Big Daddy! ha), or eat neatly. But, really- what newly 4 y/o does these things completely on their own??? Please say a prayer that we find (yet, again) another preschool for Logen.

Friday, Sept 14

My MRI was at 7:30am. Let me tell you when the tech says "don't open your eyes" LISTEN! She did put a towel over my eyes, but I could peek through the bottom of it. I did and I swear my nose was touching the machine. I honestly thought I was going to suffocate! Other than trying to hyper-ventilate- all went ok. I am still awaiting results.

Logen also go his new polly wogs! He has done fairly well in them (I will post pics of the new digs)

Saturday, Sept 15

Steph (Brendan's Momma) turned 28!!! Happy Birthday!

Parker sat under Logen's booster seat waiting for him to drop crumbs. Logen did- he started dropping large pieces of graham crackers. Parker was a mess!!! Logen thought it was hilarious!!!!

Sunday, Sept 16

Lexi turned 2!!! (Bridgett & Brian's baby girl)

We had a small get together for Logen- it was actually his 4th birthday party! (I haven't posted any birthday pics, I'll get around to that too!)

The boys have been a mess! Parker is finally beginning to hold his own. One day last week, Logen was sitting on the floor drinking some milk. Parker came up behind him, grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him down. He grabbed his milk cup and took off! He's been climbing onto Logen alot lately- it's driving Logen crazy that he can finally steal toys back from him. This morning they were chasing each other around the coffee table. They are alot of fun! But, certainly keep you busy!

Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm going to blog about just me......

For the last 3 months, I have had a headache. I've called my OB and asked questions- he's given me a list of things to try. Including vicodin, Rx naproxin, sinus meds, etc etc etc. The vicodin numbed everything from my nose down- but didn't kill the headache. I'm telling you it gets so bad at night- I cannot sleep. I would love to cry about it- but crying only makes your head hurt worse. In the last 12 weeks- I have not had 1 day w/o my headache. After the first week, I swore I was pregnant b/c with both boys that was the first sign I noticed. I can assure you, I am not pregnant- I think I have tested bi-weekly!

I have an Appt with an Internal Medicine Dr next week. My OB recommended someboy more specialized that just a family practice Dr since nothing has worked and the pain has lasted so long. If you wouldn't mind, say a little prayer that it's nothing major! I had a dream I had a brain tumor last night..... so, yes now I am extremely paranoid!!!!!!!!

Logen's 1st Week @ Preschool...

... Was SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!! I know I posted his schedule before- but I'll do it again. He goes on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:00 to 2:30.

We went in Tuesday and Logen went to play. He didn't cry at all! I was impressed :) His teacher (Ms Misty) said he did very well- her only concern at that point was having to go potty when Ms Libby (the director) isn't there. I guess b/c she's the one that will change his pull up. The kids are suppose to be 100% potty trained, but they made an exception for Logen. I got back to school about 15 minutes early so I could peep through the window to the class and watch Logen. He was sitting at the table glueing his picture to some paper (just like the other kids) Misty was helping him with the glue. When all the kids were done, she told them to go put their work in the basket. Logen got up and put his in the basket too! Then, she told them to go sit on the carpet to wait for "the mommies". Logen did just that! When "the moms" walked in, the kids all feel down and covered their eyes- Logen did this too! I thought that was pretty great for his to follow the other kids so well!!!!

For some reason on Thursday, Logen was a little squimish about me leaving him. It took me about 20 minutes to get out of the room- but Misty said he didn't cry when I left. I also came back a bit early to spy on him. He was following along with the others. This really makes my heart smile.

Now- I KNOW I have to be reading far to much into this. Logen has a 1 month trial period to see if he fits well at the preschool, etc, ect. In the kids cubbies was a little green note. It was a note from the teacher. Logen's note said "Logen is very sweet. He loves music & game time. He also loves ring around the rosey." I happened to see the cubbie above his' note and read the first line. "Will is such a joy to have in class....." SOOOO- does this mean Logen is not a joy???!!! I guess I am just waiting for our meeting at the end of the month to offer bad news- "Logen isn't fitting into the program" Oh, the stress!!!

So, blog family (I stole that line from Andrea!) please say a prayer for Logen & me... sanity for me! LOL

Here's 2 pics from his first day. I didn't get the best of pics- he was too busy!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


We love you & miss you! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

~*~ Logen & Parker ~*~

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lookie!! YUMMMMM

I made Caramel Apple Dumplings w/ golden raisins for Labor Day! I am very pleased with my creation :) And, they were sooooo YUMMY!!!! Not nearly as pretty as the ones on the cover of September's Southern Living, but I am sure they are every bit as tasty!!!!

A BIG Birf-day Gift

I got a few pics of the guys putting it together- none of him jumping on it :( Look at the clouds- it got darker & darker until the flood gates opened!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just a Poem

If apples were pears,
and peaches were plums,
and the rose had a different name.
If tigers were bears,
and fingers were thumbs,
I'd love you just the same.

~ Anonymous

Car Seat Recalls

I had to Blog this b/c Logen's carseat was on this list!!!! Just check the link below if you have an Eddie Bauer, Cosco, Alpha-Elite, Alpha-Sport, or Safety 1st carseat manufactored between 11/1/2003 and 12/21/2005.


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