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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Information About Mitochondrial Disease

Since I seem to have some "down time", I have added information in the side bars about Logen's "main" disease- Mitochondrial Disease. I plan on posting about What Mito is, etc soon. Just wanted to point out the links on the side.

Hospital Update

Swollen Hand/Arm from IV Infiltration
It' s been nearly a week, and I'm still (not) enjoying all the amentities of the hospital. Vomit. I feel worse than when I came in last Wednesday, no big surprise.

We've brought in a GI Doc. I did a small bowel study on Saturday. Endured "GoLytely" on Sunday and (at 25) had a colonoscopy yesterday. The only thing we found, is that the barium from the bowel study is still there, we will have to repeat the colonoscopy in a few weeks.
I developed a fever Saturday evening, it's low grade. It's still hanging around and all of my labs look normal. An Infection Control Specialist is coming in to see me today.

And, since "constipation/bowel issues" have been ruled out for the root of my abdominal pain, we've called OB. He should be in after hours tonight. GI thinks we should do another laperoscopy (my last was in 2005) b/c he could get a look at what he wants to.

It's been a heck of a stay! I've had 2 IVs infiltrate. It took 4 nurses and 10 sticks to get a new one started on Sunday and today 2 sticks so far, I still don't have one in- they are paging an ER nurse (I told them we aren't doing 10 sticks today, I refuse!). We made a formal complaint about the level of care/response time provided by the nurses, it's been horrible. The Director spoke with me this morning, and it's been better since.

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