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A sincere THANK YOU to all of you who have added this to your blog! And, to Anelys for creating such a cute blinkie!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Crazy 24 Hours!

So here's a glimsp of the last 24 hours with us:

* A very quick trip to ST Louis (drove in late Sunday, got home last night around 11pm)
* A Dr's appt @ CP Center in St Louis
* The Neuro saying, "Has he ever had his hearing tested?" ASKING ABOUT PARKER! B/c of his speech
* 2 new prescriptions
* Increasing the Mg of Zonegran (75mg 2x/day)
* Changing prevacid from AM to PM
* Learned a new stretch to do for hamstrings
* A 6 1/5 hour drive with 2 fussy kiddos
* Walking in to your backdoor cracked open after you've been in a different state since the day before (makes for freaky sleeping!)
* 11 seizures between the hours of 815 am and 215pm.
* A Theatre Lecture Exam (the 1st) in the midst of the seizure activity (made for a stressful test!)
* Administration of Klonopin (which had never been done before)
* 4 phone conversations with the Neuro's office
* A very destructive Logen (he seems to get this way when he has seizures)
* A plant knocked over purposefully, 50% of the dirt ground into the only room in the house with carpet (suprisingly this was NOT Parker)
* 2 kids asleep, 1 stressed out Mom attempting to study while munching on carrots - who is so very ready for the day to be over!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Uncle Stevie- RIP. We Love You. We Miss You.

Steven H. L. of ____, 48, passed away Thursday, September 18, 2008. He was born March 13, 1960 in Ft. Worth, Texas but had lived in ____ for 46 years.
Steve was a 1978 graduate of ____. He was a building contractor and land developer for 25 years. Steve was a devoted family man with a strong work ethic. He was a nurturing father who doted on his son Tyler.

Steve never met a stranger and his charismatic personality attracted many friends. He was very generous and always gave more than he received. Steve had a lust for life, always living it to the fullest. Steve had a love for the water, boating and camping with his family and friends. He had a passion for motorcycles. His special love was for the farm where he found peace and solitude. If you couldn’t find Steve at the farm, he was sure to be surrounded by his best friends. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Janet, grandparents; Herman and Bernice, Martin and Louise.

Steve is survived by his wife of 23 years, Pam and his son Tyler, his father, James, brother Jim II and his wife Liz, his sister Jennifer and her husband Stacy, mother and father-in-law, Don and Joyce, sister-in-law Terri and her husband Max, brother-in law Robert and his wife Lisa and sister-in-law Degina; nieces and nephews, Eric , Brandon, Lyndsey, Brad, BreeAnn, Tiffany and her husband Will, Jessica and her husband Adam, Hannah, Brandon, Abbey, Penelope, Callie and G.W. Cooper. He is also survived by three nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers are Gary, Frank, Don, Russell, Stacy, Jason and Cyrus.

Honorary Pallbearers are Jeff, Steve, Larry, Mike, Mike, D.L., Dennis, Rick, Will, Nicky, Rick, James, David, Robert, and Max.

Arrangements are by C-H Funeral Home. Visitation will be Sunday September 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and funeral services will be held at C-H Funeral Home Chapel, Monday September 22 at 10:00 a.m. with Minister Allen and Bro. John officiating. Burial will follow at M. G.

Family and friends are welcome, following burial, at the home, Address Here.

I wanted to post a copy of the Obituary. I edited out places and removed last names b/c I wouldn't post those without asking before I posted that kind of stuff. I got more info involving the wreck while we were there, and it was not nearly as 'simple' as I thought. I will post later. I want to be up blogging again- I'm just so scatterbrained with everything. And, we are taking Logen to St Louis tomorrow. So wish us luck and pray as we are on the road traveling a good distance.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Heaven Has A New Member

Photo: Tyler (cousin), his girlfriend Jessie, Aunt Pam, Uncle Stevie

My Uncle Stevie went to be with our Lord last night. Please pray for our family. My Aunt Pam and Tyler lost their husband and father. My Dad and Aunt Jennifer lost their brother. My Papaw lost a son. We lost an uncle. A great, wonderful man he was.

He was in a motorcycle accident. It was on a road where you have to lean the bike left and right to go with the turns. I'm not sure exactly what happened (Dad told me but his voice was shakey and I was trying to keep from crying with him on the phone), but he went off the bike and died instantly. The EMT was there within 60 seconds and he was already gone. All deaths are hard, but for some reason the unexpected ones seems a little harder to grasp.

Adam & I were just talking about him the other day. My littlest sister was scared of him when she was little. He'd walk into a room and she'd flip out and run to Liz or Dad. When Logen met him, he instantly feel in love with him. I have some very cute pictures of Logen & Uncle Stevie together- many from my oldest sister's wedding where they become good buddies.

We are heading down to be with my family tonight. The funeral in Monday. Please, I ask that you keep us all in your prayers. The entire family needs to lifted in prayers.

He was just so young and in great health, we never would have expected it. Infact, last night after I had several missed calls and texts from various family members (I was studying) I honestly thought something had happened to my Papaw.

Hugs Blog Family. Tell the people in your life that you love them, and go do it now b/c in 10 minutes might be to late.
I love you dear friends.

1st Test Grades

I came out with a 44/50 on my Devp Psych Test (aka an 88) If I would have made a 45 I would have had an A!! Dang-it! The class average was a 39/50, so I guess I did pretty good considering.

I GOT A 96 ON MY FRENCH TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently not many did well b/c she mentioned the drop date for the class when she was handing the test back... :P I got a 10 on Wednesdays quiz. Todays was probably not so great- I had a pretty hard time studying and kinda gave up on it after I talked to my Daddy though.

My genetics test is Monday. I told my teacher about my Uncle and she said to email her and we would work something out.

Haven't gotten my play back yet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stressful Week of School

My French test was Monday. Still don't know those results. I confirmed my teacher hates me today. I'll have to email and ask whats up on this on. She marked a half point off my homework for something she announced to the class that EVERYBODY did and she did NOT take off points for. This has happened more than once. I'm certainly going to ask why I had points taken off!
I turned in my play yesterday- I feel pretty confident it was good. I ended up doing "Fighting With Time" as my topic.
I had a French quiz this morning. I don't think I missed any.
I had my 1st developmental psych test this afternoon. He scared us thinking it was going to be horrible, but turns out it wasn't half bad. I know I missed a few, and there were only 50 questions- so hopefully I didn't do to bad.
I have a quiz tomorrow morning and one Friday morning. It's been a heck of a week. My 1st Genetics test is Monday (and I am SCARED TO DEATH on it!!!) Looks like another weekend hitting the books :(
I think I *might* have taken on a little much for my 1st semester back. Esp since I want all A's.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

4 hours to long

Been sitting in the same chair at the same table in front of the same computer, for 4 hours. I'm working on my play. I think it's dumb. It's 7 pages long thus far. Here are a few beach pictures. I needed a break. I'll probably be uploading beach pictures til Christmas.

Tropical Storms In Arkansas

"Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are rare in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley you have to go back into the 60s to find that last storms that affected our area with high wind and rain. In fact, over the last 134 years only 8 storms have tracked into our area, the most recent...Gustav just a few weeks ago." -- Garrett Lewis

* I thought this was pretty interesting info. It's midnight & it's pouring hard out there. (And, I'm still studying! 12 hours so far) We did some "storm" precautions in the yard today, just in case. *

Saturday, September 13, 2008


My Daddy is a YOUNG 51 today!!!!!
(He's the guy on my right, your left)
Happy Birthday Dad!

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've got a 2 chapter French Test Monday, a 10 page play due Tuesday, and a 3 chapter Developmental Psych test Wednesday. I'm neglecting blogger for a few days (depending on how boring my homework gets...)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HELP Me, again...

You realize in my College Career there will be SEVERAL "Help posts". And, I genuinely need your help, just so ya know.

Here's OUR assignment. I/We must write a play. So, why don't you start thinking with me and let's come up with a topic. Hmm, what shall we write about?
I sent out a mass text and got some great replies.
Here's a few possibilities
* A mom, turned college student, who in the midst of it all must still be Mom
* A Crazy Mother-In-Law
* Plastic Surgery, here I was thinking... A girl goes in for boobs and ends up with something else. Something she could go on & on about "big, etc"- adjectives to describe boobs and what she really ends up with. A twist at the end, bam it's a ... (I've actually thought this one over.. haha)
* Depression, perhaps "A Night in the Psych Ward" could be slightly funny
* The day that never ends, everything seems to go wrong. And, when you look back at it later you can't help but laugh. I'd need some major help on this one. Like- you're late, you open the fridge to get your child some milk, and the applesauce falls out & shatters, you lose your keys- but you know where the extra set is, they are just behind the deep freeze where you dropped them last time you had to use them, and your left rear tire is flat, so forget being late- you've already missed appt A, B, & C. But, you'll make it to D 29 minutes late... after a ride in the tow truck to the dealership with some dude that quite obviously hasn't showered in 18 days and was never taught the proper use for deodorant.

We were told that, something we have experienced or a take of something we've been through, or something we enjoy would make the writing experience much more fun. And, yea- someday in 10 years when I'm a Dr, I'll be standing over your bedside having to come up with an Episodic play or you might crash. Can't you see it's relevant to my field of study...?


Sick Of Therapy!

I guess there comes a point in all of this chaos that you just get tired of it. I know little Logen must be worn out from the constant 'go', or maybe not- b/c that's what he knows to be the norm. This made much more sense in my head driving down the road this afternoon. I was thinking, among the hustle and bustle of trying to find Logen 'private-after-school' therapy, sometimes we all just need a break. Lets all just take off and go somewhere for a month. And, not have regression, or whatever you call the time periods where no therapy is performed and your child just kinda plateau's and doesn't necessarily go backwards, he just may not make leaps and bounds forward during that time frame.
I know somebody else out there is feeling the same. I can't be the only one of there ;) I should take some time off... so I wouldn't have that list of appt's we need to make or offices I need to call to get something sent here or there, or maybe that script I requested Friday still hasn't been picked up from the ped b/c I haven't been available to do so during 'normal business hours'. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Logen and I wouldn't trade him for anything!!!! He's a busy little guy, and I honestly think if we stopped therapy, he'd go crazy. B/c, thats what he knows. And, really- I think I would to. Being 'not busy' like we are now would probably make me go stir crazy, and then my house might be spotless and I wouldn't have to have an excuse when you come to my door and I politely say, "Excuse our mess. We kinda live here" :) ... or maybe I shouldn't, but the idea was nice for a moment.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Quicky Update

Logen had a GREAT first day!!! He ate well, participated in all activities w/o raising poo, and didn't cry! I have pictures to share, but am tied up in homework- so hopefully I'll get them posted tomorrow. He was EXHAUSTED. He crashed hard he on the ride home.
Me on the other hand had an incredibly HORRID day. Things just don't seem look up. L's therapy threw another one at me, schedule change. That, of course they didn't ask me about beforehand. And, our previous schedule (last weeks) we could have actually worked with, atleast on 1 of the days.
Say a prayer for us all tomorrow as we go about our day.
Bless you all.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Life To Love

My new favorite song. 33 Miles ~ One Life To Love
You'll have to pause the music at the bottom of the blog and then hit play on the above box. Please listen to this song. It's wonderful! And, puts so many things in prospective. Have a beautiful day. :)

Starting "Real" School

Logen goes to Kindergarten tomorrow. I have dreaded this day for a very long time. Probably since 'around the time of diagnosis'. I have always viewed 'real school' negatively for Logen. (Since I have such a positive outlook on things... ha) I hated knowing that he'd be in the "Special Ed" class, even though thats not what they call it at his school. That'd he would be classified as 'different' for lack of a better word. Kids are mean, I was one once- I know how people treated 'those' kids.
But, tonight I actually am excited for Logen. I think he will do wonderfully in the class he will be in. While I will always hate the fact that he's not in a 'regular' class, I know he couldn't handle a 'regular, mainstream' class. And, who's to say that someday he won't be in a regular class? Couldn't handle seems negative- it wouldn't be a good placement for Logen, he's not ready for that yet. And, I know he's not ready for a typical Kindergarten class either. We are still working on communication with his Aug Comm device, we aren't to the point the other kids his age are. And, that's ok. Today must be a good day, b/c it doesn't make me cry that he's not there yet. He's working at "Logen's Pace" and when Logen gets there, he will get there. He's a pretty determined kid (anybody ever been with him & I at Walmart? Or any other public place that he may want something I am not going to buy him? He's pretty dog-on good at being 'determined')
So, really- we just ask for prayers for Logen.
I know that tomorrow when I am in class I will be worried sick about him and how's he doing. So, maybe you could say a little prayer for Momma to. I'll update tomorrow evening, when I am suppose to be doing homework... like now.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I aced Wednesday's French quiz!!! 10/10 :) Not so sure about yesterdays, I'll know Monday. And whats going to be on Mondays sounds tough!

Squeak! Squeak!

I bought these shoes for Logen before he was walking thinking the "squeak" when you step would be motivating. We just got them out for Parker. He's worn them to school once before and I was told not to bring him back in them! Miss Julie said it in a funny way.... hey, I had packed an extra pair b/c I figured she'd get annoyed. Yesterday, Parker insisted on wearing them. So, I was like- I'll just let them fight that battle. I put them on him and made sure to pack another pair.

The morning teacher knew he had extra shoes, Miss Julie did not. When I walked in she smiled really big and said, "Jessica I swear I told you don't send those again. haha" I told her he had extras, she said "That would have been nice to know. Esp during nap time. He sat on his cot and stomped his feet so they'd squeak." I had to laugh. He is definitely Mr Rotten.

I really love squeaky shoes for Parker. He likes to dart away from us in public places. When he wears them, I can hear him squeak. I guess it's the mom in me, but they don't annoy me at all. I think they are pretty cute. For some reason the original place we bought them from doesn't have a very good selection anymore. So, I found this on-line store. I will be ordering a new pair~ Mom's of girls-- they have some VERY VERY cute girl shoes!!!!! (That look like expensive 'boutique' shoes)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kindergarten- HERE WE COME!

My mom & I met with Logen's new school today. Let me tell you, it sounded incredible! The classroom was terrific as well. We toured the school. Everything was wonderful. We met with the Principal, Assist-Principal, Director of Special Ed, The school psychologist, the SLP, the developmental therapist, the Spec Ed teacher, and a few Para's. We also met (in their classrooms) the computer lab teacher, art, music, and gym teacher and nurse.
Here's the plan:
Logen will be in that classroom. He will go to lunch, art, music, and gym with the 'typical' kids- they call those times "specials". Their recess is on the same playground, but they aren't out there with the other 6 K classrooms. If he seems ready, they will intigrate him into their "regular' class starting with center time. They change activities every 15 minutes, the children all have individualized plans- so every 15 minutes they will know whats going on, in case they forgot. They have a 'spec ed bus' that he has the opportunity to ride, if we chose that. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving stuff out.
Most likely, he will start Monday. Therapy is a blur at the moment. He will be getting therapy there, but certainly not what we are used to. And, when I asked about all the 'negative hype' everybody has told me about- their responses were super impressive. My Mom said, "This all sounds great, we will hold you to it. You can certainly talk the talk." The Principal "Mr. O" said, "Oh, yes mam and we can 'walk the walk'". We have several things to get in order. They will 'temporarily' place him until the psych can go through her testing and while we work out the IEP and other papers for me to sign. His teacher has been doing this for 13 years and signs when she talks- super great! They are also very familiar with his 'talker'. We do have to have a 'medical plan' on file before he can start- in case he has a seizure there. I was also impressed that they went to Logen's preschool (Principal, Assist P, Spec Ed Director, Developmental Therapist, and his teacher) to observe him yesterday, so that they could meet him before we talked about him today- they didn't want to talk about a child they hadn't meet before. Not many people will take that time out of their day for that. I am excited about this now, and believe it will be the best option for Logen. Now, we must get outside therapy into play. I would like for him to get atleast 1 of each discipline/per week outside of school.

Please continue with your prayers as we embark on this new territory.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A "Self" Brag

Do you see what I did???? My first quiz and homework in French was last Friday, August 29. I didn't miss a single thing on either!!! I am very proud of myself. A good grade always motivates me to keep 'kickin' booty'. Hopefully, I can post that todays went just as well. I was prepared to write the words in French (where spelling and puncuation count), so when I saw she was writing the words in French- I thought to myself, "I got this one!!!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Disaster Area

Do you ever feel like your house is trashed, or is it just me? While I posted the 'post' below, my wonderful children who only take care of their toys and never make messes (HAHAHA) opened a bulk package of spaghetti noodles and orange crackers. I'd already mopped this morning (briefly) after Parker picked up a glass of pina colada (however you spell that) and broke it. Sticky mess everywhere. (I know you sometimes leave your glass sitting on the coffee table and just go to bed too.... just agree and make me feel better) So, today I've mopped my kitchen (on hands and knees b/c I think mops are nasty... weird quirk) 3 times.

If anytime in the next, uh 15 weeks, you decide to come to my house- just look at the walls and not the floor full of toys or the huge mound of clean laundry sitting in the chair just waiting for somebody to put it away. I apologize now.. b/c as the semester rolls on I don't think it's guna get any easier. Week 2 and I already have a quiz everyday.

I'm So Lost~

I've been crying a better part of today. I'm at the part of the road where a turn is obvious. Normally, I'm fairly good at staying in control and making the right turn w/o regrets. This turn, however- I can't seem to make.
From last night's post, you know I'm considering other options 'therapy wise'.
Today's events: Logen has been getting Developmental therapy through the public school since last Fall. I had a meeting with the DT today. Of course, at an IEP you must meet with more than just the DT. The Assistant Special Ed director was also there. Since Logen is technically school aged, there is not a whole lost the district is able to provide. We did turn in a waiver last year so that Logen could still get DT services through the school. However, today they suggested starting him in Kindergarten, like next week. Most likely, he will have to repeat. But, in the scheme of things- we didn't plan on starting him until next year anyways, so repeating wouldn't be so bad. And, yes- he'd be in special ed. I go Thursday to tour the school (it just opened in August, so everything will be shiny) and to meet the teachers, principal, aides, etc.
Why have I been so sad about this? Therapy, mainly. It sounds so silly now that I read it. But, he's not getting what he needs right now. So, could it hurt to take him out of it and rely on the public school system to do whats best for my baby? What if I am making the wrong choice? What if I totally screw up Logen b/c im just not competant enough to make these major life-altering decisions?
I don't know what to do. My Mom told me to stop crying and go with my gut instinct. I don't have a gut instinct. Really, I don't. I get negative from one person and positive from another. That's not helping. She told me to stop worrying and just let it be until Thursday. She also said I can't hold Logen back b/c of my fears to 'let him go'. That much makes sense, but I don't think thats all. I'm scared, very much scared. And, I want to stop crying, but I can't. I don't like not being in control of things. On this one, I'm way out of it. What's right? And, what's the wrong choice here? WHAT DO I DO???? What's going to be best for Logen? My non-verbal little bundle of joy.
So, blog family please help me. I need to lean on you b/c I can't do this alone. It takes a village to raise a child, remember? Come out and help me Village :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Pray, Please

We've had some things come up in the last 2 weeks. I'm not really sure where I'd even begin. I know I'm giving a very brief over-view.

And, ya know- there's school (in which I have NO choice but to make all A's). I have a quiz everyday this week... and probably from here on out. I don't disagree with them, it just forces you to do your homework and study. So, all-in-all not a bad idea.

The top of the list is Logen's therapy. We are battleing with 'what we need to do' here. There are some things that have 'evolved' that I don't like and that are certainly NOT benefiting Logen in any way, shape, or form. This is REALLY worrying me. Parker is suppose to start Speech Thursday, but I'm not sure we'll be starting it 'there'. In these kind of situations, I'm suppose to do what's right for my children. And, at this point- how do I know what's right? I know Logen (& Parker once he's a therapy kiddo) has to benefit, he has to be taking something away from it. And, I don't think he is. We noticed this weekend he's walking with toes pointed in. And, I can tell you exactly why. (I can, but I can't- KWIM?)

All of you 'praying people' out there. Can you please, please, please pray for us and our recent 'issues/discoveries'.

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