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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh Hospital, Oh Hospital...

How I love thee... I hear that playing in my head by Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree (That was our favorite Christmas CD this past year, one that got way to much radio time! haha)

Really, I'm not loving the hospital. I am however, back in it. For once it wasn't the Heart doctor (or the ER) that did the admit. Mr Kidney Dr did it. I went in yesterday with abdominal pain and swelling in my abdomen, feet, and ankles. Landed myself a lovely room on the 4th floor here. Trying to maintain my sanity... ;)

We've done several tests, labs, etc. Still waiting on my CT results. We found a "weird" infection in my urine (that wasn't in my urine when I was at the hospital Tuesday for my every 2 week blood/urine labs) that is resistant to oral antibiotics. So, currently I am on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. I tried to barter with my doctor to let me go home today, but it didn't work. We shall see how the next few days go! Sometimes it feels like I need to take stock in the local hospital, or just purchase myself a permanent room :p

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quickie Update

Logen: not tolerating his meds, keeps throwing them up. Not sure if he's just overloaded by all of them or what! Had his IEP this week and was pleasantly surprised. It went rather well. He's doing pretty good other than not keeping his meds down. Working on phasing out his gluten & dairy.

Parker: Doing very well off of Gluten. Seeing a marked difference! He's still fiesty & funny as ever :p

Jessica: I feel like I live in the Kidney Doc's office. Need to post about Cleveland, I know... I do have Renal Tubular Acidosis. We are all trying to deal with that. Heart Doc has referred me to Dr Natale in Austin, Tx. It's like playing "hot potato" with me! Nobody can figure out my heart, so they pass me along to somebody else.

Adam: Doing well, working like crazy (as always!)

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