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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy, Busy!

I am working on putting together a flyer for Logen. Putting his 5 years of life (and testing) into 2 paragraphs isn't an easy task. I have to get this done asap so we can begin with posting them/handing out!

I will go to banks tomorrow to set up a donation account. I am also going to talk to our tax lady. A few Wal-Mart vendors told us they need a tax ID number inorder to make donations (of either product or of monetary value)

I will be setting up a blog for just Logen. I am still going to keep my blog up to date. I will most likely post the same here an there, but will keep the emotions at bay on his blog. It will be factual. It will be the site listed on the flyers, where people that are interested can go to learn more about my little man.

I'm not dropping any classes. I've had many papers due in the last week and it's really hard to get done. I'm not on the "school track" right now. I haven't gone to one class since before St Louis, and I will email tomorrow and beg for forgiveness. I know this is bad.

Parker was sick (and I am not 100% convinced it's gone). I took him to the Dr yesterday, by the time we got there his temp was 104.3! We did a flu swab and a strep swab- both negative. His ears looked ok, but Parker kept jerking so he wasn't sure they weren't a little infected. The Dr gave him an antibiotic- he's not had a temp since a few hours after starting it, so maybe it was something bacterial?!

Logen doesn't have the flu anymore, but he's still snotty. Maybe it's allergies (or sinus stuff). He's not eating. I mean, way worse than he was with just the Keppra. He's now on 2 meds with decreased appetite, so this is to be expeted. I can't wait for him to be off the Keppra completely. The Topamax seems to be doing the job, unless we are in the honey-moon phase. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Working on getting medical records gathered.

Logen goes in for his thyroid labs Thursday.

We head to our local children's hosp (4 hours south) Thursday night after Adam gets off work (Also our 5 year Anniversary!) Logen sees the Endocrinologist and geneticist. I do not think we will learn anything, I have not heard vry many good things about the E, however we have had the appt since the beginning of Decemeber- so we are going to go.

Thank you guys for your continued prayers!! We are so blessed!

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  1. Hon, if you need help with the new blog, just let me know!!! =)

    Im here for you!

  2. I am thinking and praying for you guys.


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