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Monday, July 5, 2010

Gluten Free Restaurants

GF has been a challenge, a BIG one. But, we keep going. I cannot imagine those that cannot have the stuff in shampoo and make-up. I've thrown away kitchen utensils/the toaster/cutting boards, etc (all b/c of cross contamination). I've found some great recipes. And we've eaten stuff I can assure you we'd never have tried if it weren't for this. It's got me back in the kitchen baking again. I finally got the Kitchenaid heavy duty mixer I've dreamed about for years as well! Haha.

It's comical to hear Parker ask other people if something is safe for him to eat or if it has wheat in it. I heard him ask his Dad if something he was cooking had "Glue-ten-nin in it". I couldn't resist laughing.

We are managing snacks and meals and we've even eaten out in public! Not that I completely trust the staff or anybody else to prepare my child's food... and believe me, when he gets Gluten- you can tell. We had an "up all night, sit on the toilet, cry fest not to long ago... the next day was really rough too" (And, no it wasn't even me crying... but I wanted to!)

Here are a few restaurants that have GF/Wheat Free menus. Most have some sort of liability waiver. I have linked their allergen menu's, click the names.

Fast Food
Sonic (click for the allergen chart, they do not have a "gluten-free" menu)
Burger King (they have GF products, but they cook them w products containing gluten)

Sit Down
On The Border (The wait staff at our local OTB hasn't been the most knowledgeable, but the cook staff has been great!)
Ruby Tuesdays
Carrabba's Italian Grill
Bonefish Grill
Boston's Gourmet Pizza
Carino's Italian Grill
Olive Garden
P.F. Chang's (Menu, click Gluten Free)
Outback Steakhouse

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  1. Another challenge to add to your list. Damn girl, you sure have a few! I admire your strength through all this! Parker sounds like such a cutie and I hope the GF thing keeps working and getting easier for all of you to handle. :)

  2. Poor kid! I feel like celiac's disease has become more and more prominent. I know so many people with it these days and had never heard of it growing up. Good luck with the GF adventure, at least awareness is is happening and it shouldn't be as devastating as the years go by.

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  4. I know I have commended already, but just letting you know that I have awarded you with the Blog With Substance Award. Check my blog out (www.cheesechalkandcp.blogspot.com) for details. :)

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