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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tidbits from the trip

Ok blog family-- this is LONG overdue!!

Here are some juicy details of our trip!

Flight there was great! Logen got to meet the pilot and hang out in the cockpit for about 25 minutes. He LOVED it!
The first night we took the boys to the ocean, they both freaked! We went back Friday morning and they LOVED it. No waves though. Didn't realize Corpus was in a bay (Duh!)
We went to the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus- it was great! There was a fish that kept scaring Parker. That was priceless. In the "Corpus Picture" post you can see the fish I am talking about. It's the one where we are sitting infront of a HUGE tank. I swear the fish was swimming touching the glass for our benefit. Every time it got in front of Parker, he'd crawl away- quickly!!! Only this one particular fish bothered Parker!
We went out to the van Friday, getting ready to meet our family in Victoria, TX and the rental had a flat! So, we took it back to the airport. They didn't have another van to fit 4 adults, 2 cars seats, a double stroller, and a bunch of luggage. So, we had to wait for them to get another one from their other location. That was fun.
Friday night was great!! Adam got to meet 2 Aunt-in-laws (that sounds strange!) and an uncle-in-law as well as their families. It was my first time to meet their spouses and children. In my opinion, it was a great reunion. I am thrilled that we have been reunited.
Saturday we ate at a neat little cafe (The Rosebud Cafe) in downtown Victoria- the burgers and shakes were wonderful! We also got to tour "Diamond Fiberglass" where my Uncle Don is the President. I had no idea what making fiberglass, um, large containers entaled. Guess I didn't catch the name of what the big things they make were.... It was pretty neat!
That evening, Uncle Don & Aunt Susannah took eveybody out to dinner at Greek Brothers! Also a wonderful meal! My birthday was Oct 3 and Aunt Megan's was Oct 7, so they suprized us with a cake and singing!
Sunday we relaxed and packed until time to head back to Corpus to catch our 5 pm flight. Somehow we got turned around and headed North. Noticed it when we saw a sign for El Campo. Which is about 68 miles from Houston. So, we missed that flight. When we called the airlines they said we'd have to purchase another ticket to beable to fly out of Houston. Which didn't make any sense since our flight from Corpus landed in Houston then had a 2 hour layover before heading to Tulsa. It was going to cost around 916 bucks for new tickets. We decided we'd just show up at the airport like we knew what we were doing. We signed in using the computers and viola- were able to get boarding passes for no extra cash! Our flight kept getting delayed due to bad weather. We didn't end up leaving Houston until 9:30ish. We sat in the airport from 4:15 to 9:30. That was interesting. Logen was none-to-thrilled that other people were boarding planes. He tried to board 2 seperate flights. We walked around for a bit, Logen found a security guy and tried to hold his hand. The man was very nice. He told Logen that he couldn't hold his hand. He said, "if you lost your mommy, then I could hold your hand." Logen had a "so" look on his face and walked off. He was absolutely thrilled to finally be back on the airplane. Maybe be will be a pilot "when he grows up"!!!
We made it home around 2 am. We all slept until about noon Monday (the 8th)- slept through Vital Stim! Thank goodness Lori was understanding!!

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