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Friday, November 23, 2007

We Were In An Accident

It's never a dull moment in our house, let me tell ya! Wednesday afternoon I had just gone to pick up Logen and was on the way to the hospital to get the blood and urine tests. A man in front of me slammed on his breaks, so I slammed on mine. I swear I stopped less than a foot away from his SUV. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a big white commercial van getting ready to plow in to the back where my babies were sitting. I was totally freaking out. I closed my eyes and prayed the back end of the van didn't crumble. As soon as he hit me, I started shaking like crazy, the boys were initially quite, but by the time I got the van pulled off the road, they were both screaming. I called the police so that a report could be filled. The lady asked me if anybody was hurt and I said- my neck hurts. She said, "are those children I hear? I'm sending an EMT too". They arrived pretty fast. They checked us out and said we all looked ok. So, they left. My mom arrived and said that we should atleast take the boys in to make 100% sure they are ok. By the time the pploice got done, my neck was throbbing. So, on to the ER we went. They did an xray on Logen b/c his neck seemed a bit tight- it came back clear. Parker was in his new car seat- with shock absorbers. The dr didn't even question him, he was being Parker by then! It just scared him, he was woken up by a big shake! They did a CT scan on my neck and back. He didn't notice anything serious. However, he does want me to see a neck and back specialist next week. He also put me in a very, very sexy neck brace (humor me, this thing sucks!!). He also put me on a muscle relaxer (3x a day/5days) to help with spasms. And gave my Rx Ibprofen for swelling, and pain meds.
The back end of my van doesn't look to to bad. The bumper is cracked. We don't know if there is any internal injuries though. The commercial van's front bumper was dropped- his van looked yucky. We were pretty lucky it wasn't a horrific event. And, I am super thankful the boys didn't get hurt. I think I'd have climbed outta my van and beat the man up if he hurt my boys. (Can you see little ole me doing that!?? haha)

I looked like a turtle eating my Thanksgiving meal yesterday!! I can't turn my neck.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Oh, and I'm STILL w/o a computer! Best Buy said they could *try* to save the 700 photos on there- for 100 bucks.... even though what happened to it wasn't my fault and to fix it is under warrenty...

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  1. Holy cow chica!!! I'm so glad you guys are ok!!! I would have been freaking out. Call me if you need help with anything while you are gimped up:)


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