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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quicky Updates

Hey guys :)

I got Logen's MRI report back 2 weeks ago- it's different from the first one. It Looks BETTER. This is a post in itself- hopefully I will be up to it tomorrow. My neck has hit it's peek pain level this evening. I've been laying around with the heating pad around it :(

My mom & I took the boys to Branson the 1st weekend in Nov (while the boys went to deer camp). I haven't put the pics on a disk yet, but will upload soon. The boys LOVED the lights and had a ball at Silver Dollar City.

Parker turned 1!!!! I have several things I want to elaborate on in the subject. His bday was kinda hard for me.

Hugs blog family. I'm having withdrawls from posting.... I'd better get my computer back soon!!!

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