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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Atlanta Appt (Dr Shoffner) Scheduled!

Oh boy! We've been so stinkin' busy. I have this week and next week left of 3 classes a day, then 5 weeks of just 2 classes. That will feel like a breeze after this craziness! :p

Sooo... His appt with Dr Shoffner (the Neurogenetics specialist) has been scheduled for July 1 and 2. The only hold up at this point is they can't confirm until about Friday. Which will leave me about 3 days to book flights, rental car, and a hotel AND get to Atlanta! Kinda, just a little bit, Stressful!

Where the funding for said things will come from it beyond me. We've been slowly gathering stuff, but I haven't had a break in school long enough to pull a fundraiser together.

The Doc has reviewed just half of his records and defininately wants to see Logen. Here is what we will be looking at (the list could change):
Diagnostic Testing for Mitochondrial Disease
* Blood for mtDNA (PCR and Southern)
* Blood and CSF for Lactate and Pyruvate, or Brain MR Spectroscopy (we are doing the spinal tap at this point)
* Urine Organic Acids (by GC/MS)
* Plasma and Urine Amino Acids Blood and Urine Carnitine
* Brain MRI (He's had 2. 1 was abnormal, 1 was normal. You're guess is as good as ours on this)
* Muscle Biopsy (they will be removing a 1 by 1 piece from the top of his leg) and Skin Biopsy, Neuropathology and Electron Microscopy, Mitochondrial Electron Transport Studies, Fresh (coupled) mitochondrial Polarography
* Resting Metabolic Rate Study

{We've been told by the Neuro that all of my cardiovascular issues can be something related to Logen. It can just now be showing up as "adult onset" in me. If Logen does test positive, I belive I would be tested as well as Parker and possibly Adam- the reason Adam may not be has to do with the way the mitochondria are passed on. I'm not sure what would be a good thing here. We just want answers for everything thats happening, medically, that no doctor has been able to explain!}

Another hang up is travel on the 4th. I'm a little afraid to fly on that holiday. Call me crazy! ;-) I'm excited about this and want to get the testing done ASAP bc the results will take around 3 months to come back. Rrrrr! I hope it all works out and we can get it done next week. I am going to contact Angel Flights and see what they can do as well. Tickets from here to there are around 900 bucks a person! Driving time is about 13 hours if we just drove without stops or traffic. I hear other parents laughing out there! Like that would ever happen, 'eh?!

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  1. I am sorry sweetie that you are going through all of this but I am glad that you are getting him into the specialist so quickly too.

    I will continue to pray that everything will work out in regards to how to get there.

    We drove to Atlanta with Sean and it was 20 hours but I understand that it is hard to drive that far with two little ones. Hugs and prayers.

  2. Good luck next week. I'm glad that things are starting to move along. Will be thinking of you.


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