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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Need To Vent!

I spent 3 hours at the doc for myself today. I am so used to doing this for Logen, that I am ok with it. I have accepted that. I have accepted that there's not always good news when we pack up and head to his doctor's appts. It's just how it is. However, when it comes to me- I've expected to go and leave without "bad" or "crumby" news. Today, I went into for my hospital stay follow up. We went through my labs, etc. I kid you not, that stack was forever thick. My labs were so messed up. Things were too high, and too low. So, the doc ordered all of those again today. The one I am most concerned with is the ANA-titer. Mine is too high. Everything else is too low. I guess I just sat there with that, could anything else possibly be wrong? There are several things this could mean. I'm not going there, we will just hope for the best. It has to do with your antibodies though. I got a referral to a Neurologist for migraines (that have been around since before the heart stuff), but I wonder if all of this stuff isn't related in some odd way. like all of Logen's weird stuff??? Doesn't it all have to add up somewhere?!?!
Anyway, that's my deal. I want to be fixed. I'm done with the bad. Oh, Saturday's call... yea, I'm just sick of talking about it. Not what I wanted to hear. A heart procedure is in my future. I will elaborate in the next week.
Our family is in the need of more prayers :) Thanks!

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