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Sunday, April 18, 2010

BIG Medical Trip!

Today begins another one of our "medical trips". I sit in our "home" in St Louis listening to the boys wrestle on the bed next to me, as much as I hate to say this- it's becoming one of those noises a mom (this mom) doesn't hear anymore.

*~* Logen's Trip *~*
We see our Neuro & Epilepsy Doc's tomorrow @ St Louis Children's Hospital (Monday, April 19).
We are SO SUPER anxious for this! We have SOOOO much to talk about. And, we want answers. We still don't have all of the answers from his surgery in July 2009!!!!

In the last few months we have seen some decline. He's had good days and bad days. I feel this deserves a complete blog entry, especially after his last swallow study. I will work on this tonight- b/c I must type up our concerns for the doc's tomorrow.

*~*~* Jessica's Trip *~*~*

I have 2 appointments at Cleveland Clinic this week.
My Cardio Team (Electrophysiologst & Cardiologist) set me up at the Cleveland Heart Clinic on Wednesday 4/21 (a 7:30am appt (Registration), 7:45 the EP Clinician and finally at 8:15, Dr Bruce Lindsay. Don't you know 2 happy little boys will be loving their parents for this one?! haha)

My Nephrologist (kidney specialist) set me up for more testing with the Nephro group at Cleveland Clinic (he said they were some of the best!) on Thursday April 22. Reason for this is possible distal RTA (distal renal tubular acidosis). Heart doctor mentioned something about blood cancer when I saw him April 14th.

So, we will pray for the best!! It's going to be a busy week and hopefully we can add some fun to it while we are out! We looked up several fun things to do with kids in Cleveland. The only thing we dread is the 16 hour drive home. Bummer...

Will update after Logen's appointment tomorrow. Please say prayers for the little man!

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  1. Wow, Jess! I've been wondering what's been going on with you and Logen. Good luck on this journey and I hope you both find answers! Please update us!

  2. I been checking in on ya'll from time to time, and I just saw this. I will be thinking of you on your travels, and I will say some extra prayers.


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