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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Parker Funnies...

I try to remember to write these down, but... well... it doesn't happen. They usually get lost in my facebook status and I say I'll go back and write them down later. Here's a few funny things he's said recently.

* He walks into the dressing room and looks in the mirror and says "I sure am handsome!"

* Parker, what would you like for breakfast? "CAFFEINE"!

* "Tonight, we are going to sleep in the Oooo'tell! That's right!!" (oooo'tell = hotel)

* "I put all this crap in my train. I can't get it out." He put all the dirty laundry in the hotel room's closet this morning and referred to it as crap. I guess it was funny b/c it caught us off gaurd. Don't worry, we corrected it.

* Chick-fil-a is "Chick-A-Lay"

I'll think of more! He's quite the funny little boy, sarcastic, and whitty!!

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  1. Haha!! Those are great. Thanks for sharing.


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