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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Logen ~ The Cookie Monster

How can you not love this little guy??? This happened one night last week! Adam had gone to the fridge to get Logen some milk. Of course, Logen was standing right there & saw something in the fridge he thought he had to have. Adam closed the fridge and Logen stood there pointing at it like, "How could you?" So, we opened it back up and Logen grabbed the package of cookie dough. I said, "Logen- Mommy has to bake it in the oven before we eat it." So, he set it on the stove. I said, "No honey- IN the oven on a baking sheet!" So, he tried to open the drawer under the oven to get a baking sheet. He couldn't get the drawer open. So, he looked in the cabinet next to the stove and found a breakable pizza plate. He got the plate out and put the dough (still in the pkg) on it. She tried SOOO hard to get the plate lifted up to hand to me. Now, did he deserve the cookies or what??!!! If it hadn't have been 10pm, I'd have made them and he could have had 2 or 3! I ended up giving him a few bites of dough (which in Logen's opinion were NOT good enough!)
This is amazing to me b/c this means his little brain is really processing what we say! He was able to follow simple commands! And, how great is it that he remembered the cookie baking process? He's made cookies with me before (and he loves playing in the flour mix!)
Here are a few pics I managed to snap during the process :)

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  1. Okay, seriously this is the one of the most adorable things I have ever seen/heard. He's getting so big and learning so quickly!! See, told you that you were a great mom! :)


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