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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Me, In Therapy....

Hey blog family. Still w/o a computer. Borrowing Mom's again. I'm really started to *hate* Best Buy right now.

An update on me: I start Physical Therapy Monday. I'm still hurting. The back pain really started increasing over the weekend. The Nurse at the Neurosurgen's office said thats normal for the lower back to start hurting several days later. Oh, ya- the appt with the Neurosurgen last Friday- was absolutely a WASTE of 250.00!!! Really, he didn't tell me anything the ER didn't already tell me. And, told me they'd call this week with a treatment plan. Got the call today. After leaving a voicemail 2x Monday and 1x today. Go figure.

A little vent: I sat in the parking lot of the Dr's office last Thursday in tears. I walked in ready to see the dr. The checker-inner person said we need the police report and 250.00. I said, I have neither. How about a copy of my health care insurance? I'll gladly give you my 40.00 specialist co-pay. She said, "Mam, they will deny your claim. This was caused by a 3rd party. We've seen it time and time again." I said, "Can't you bill them anyway and take a letter from my attorney saying he's dealing with this crap, yada, yada, yada". I walked out in tears, called my attorney- he called them. Blah, blah. I had to come back Friday. Mind you, it's not like a hop away- it's a good 30 minutes to his clinic. My WONDERFUL Mom & Dave paid the 250.00, b/c there is no way we could have come up with the money. And, apparently in order for the dude that hit me's insurance to pay for my bills I have to follow Dr's orders. Which means, I had to go to this guy- regardless. This is terribly inconvient for me. I did not asked to be hit. I did not throw my vehicle into reverse and say, oh- I think I'd like to be in a wreck today. Just sounds like fun. I'm going to enjoy my neck, back, shoulders, and head hurting for oh- the next couple of months. Hmmm..... Serioiusly! Why now???? I have alot on my plate. And, some idiot decides to inconvience me. Nice. Thanks dude, whoever you are. Glad you weren't hurt and you better be glad my kids weren't hurt b/c I'd have gone ape "beep" on your donkey butt. Ahh.... I feel better, for now......

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