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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Fell!

Today after we went lawn mower shopping we went for lunch. Parker has gotten very good at running away from us... ideas would be helpful!

He was running towards a very busy street, so I ran after him. I was coming down a wheelchair ramp and crashed. I honestly cannot say what happened. I think I blacked out?! When I landed, I couldn't move my right knee and had pain up to my hip and my toes were numb. I lost the nail polish on both "big toes" and managed to bloody my R toe, L foot, L knee, and R palm. We got home and I iced my knee, cleaned my "boo-boos", and napped once my pain meds kicked in. My knee still hurts and I'm walking around with the help of a cane :) I'm feeling about 80 tonight!!!

Ya know, when stuff keeps happening- ya just gotta laugh. I can't believe I tumbled down the wheelchair ramp and hurt myself! The waiter from the restaurant even came out to check on me! Lordy Lordy :)

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  1. Ouch Jess! Just what you needed was some bad luck to add to all the other stresses. Cheese Whiz! Glad that Parker and you didn't end up seriously hurt though. Happy Mother's Day


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