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Friday, September 7, 2007

Logen's 1st Week @ Preschool...

... Was SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!! I know I posted his schedule before- but I'll do it again. He goes on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:00 to 2:30.

We went in Tuesday and Logen went to play. He didn't cry at all! I was impressed :) His teacher (Ms Misty) said he did very well- her only concern at that point was having to go potty when Ms Libby (the director) isn't there. I guess b/c she's the one that will change his pull up. The kids are suppose to be 100% potty trained, but they made an exception for Logen. I got back to school about 15 minutes early so I could peep through the window to the class and watch Logen. He was sitting at the table glueing his picture to some paper (just like the other kids) Misty was helping him with the glue. When all the kids were done, she told them to go put their work in the basket. Logen got up and put his in the basket too! Then, she told them to go sit on the carpet to wait for "the mommies". Logen did just that! When "the moms" walked in, the kids all feel down and covered their eyes- Logen did this too! I thought that was pretty great for his to follow the other kids so well!!!!

For some reason on Thursday, Logen was a little squimish about me leaving him. It took me about 20 minutes to get out of the room- but Misty said he didn't cry when I left. I also came back a bit early to spy on him. He was following along with the others. This really makes my heart smile.

Now- I KNOW I have to be reading far to much into this. Logen has a 1 month trial period to see if he fits well at the preschool, etc, ect. In the kids cubbies was a little green note. It was a note from the teacher. Logen's note said "Logen is very sweet. He loves music & game time. He also loves ring around the rosey." I happened to see the cubbie above his' note and read the first line. "Will is such a joy to have in class....." SOOOO- does this mean Logen is not a joy???!!! I guess I am just waiting for our meeting at the end of the month to offer bad news- "Logen isn't fitting into the program" Oh, the stress!!!

So, blog family (I stole that line from Andrea!) please say a prayer for Logen & me... sanity for me! LOL

Here's 2 pics from his first day. I didn't get the best of pics- he was too busy!

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  1. YAAAAAY!!! I'm glad his first week went so awesome. I think this is going to be just as beneficial for him as therapy, plus its fun:) I wouldn't worry about the notes-teachers probably feel like they have to creative with each note and not put the exact same thing on every kid's note so they can feel special. I mean if every kid got "Bob is sweet" or "Jill is a good girl" on their note, that would just be boring and suck LOL Hang in there- you are kicking bootay!!!!

  2. Sounds like his first week went great! Dont read anything into the other childs note, I swear the teachers like to write each note different so it doesnt seem like a 'form' letter. He's following directions very well, I know I dont know alot about him...but he reminds me of Jacob in some ways. {{hugs}}

    And I did reconize that as Andreas line ;)


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