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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Therapy Schmarapy

Last week, when we arrived at Vital Stim there was a little boy in OT throwing a fit. He had just been "taped" and was not happy about it. He began yelling at him mom and the OT.

He said:
"I'm sick of this therapy crap! I'm not going to do it anymore. You can't make me do it. I don't want to do it. I hate it!"

At that point, I wanted to lay down in the floor and scream the same thing. I was thinking, if Logen could only talk- I bet you a million dollars there are days he'd say the exact same thing.

How great would it be to run away and leave therapy for once? Does anybody ever think of that? Sometimes its just hard- We spend 15 hours in therapy a week. That doesn't include drive time and getting ready to go to therapy. I feel like all we do it get ready to go see Ms ..... for therapy. I want to run away to a village where everybody is 'different'.

Don't get me wrong Logen would not have come as far as he has w/o therapy. It's wonderful and I am thankful that we do get as much as we do. But, it runs me ragged. Emotionally drains me. I wish Logen could tell me how he feels about therapy. Does it drain him? I know it wears him out!!!!

Guess I'm just in one of 'those moods'.

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  1. {{huge Hugs}} I'm right there with you on the ground kicking and screaming. It's rough to see these kiddo's having to do something other then being a 'kid'. Every so often pick a day and make it a 'mental health' day. It'll be worth it for you both just to go do something you want to do.

  2. Girl...the story of my life. Ironically, I just vented to my Vital Stim therapist on Monday. I'm so dang sick of people in my house constantly. *so is luke.

    Sorry honey. Glad to hear your MRI went ok! HUGE!


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