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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting Nervous

We are flying Thursday... as in "on a plane high in the sky" flying. Those things that crash, that get stuck for hours on run ways, that people hijack....... Ohhhhh..... can you feel the anxiety? I haven't flown since becoming a mom ( it has been about 4 years). I'm one of those 'glass half empty' kinda people. We aren't leaving for a few days and my stomach is already in knots. It's not completely about the fact that I am freaking out about crashing--- It's also about flying with my 2 children (dare I say 3 children?!)
So... besides just needing to vent about the fact that I am a nervous wreck, I want to know how to manage the airport with a 10 month old and a 4 y/o who doesn't listen. We have to take Logen's carseat on the plane, and I assume we are checking Parker's infant seat. How am I going to make it through 3 airports w/o a stroller??!! And, the whole rule about no liquids sucks. Logen's beverages have to be thickened. Therefore, I am going to have to pack extra thickener and cups with us so I can pay outrageous prices for milk and juice at the airport. Good thing Parker still gets 'the boob'.
This isn't the last "freaking out" thread before Thursday-- I'm sure. I'm stressing about what to pack, how to pack, blah blah blah. When we drive our own car- there is no problem with running back into the house to grab that extra pair or shoes or throw in an extra pillow for the road. Can't do that when you fly. Everything must be packed neatly and with much thought.
Enough of the stress for the night. I've already endulged in about 10 oreo's and DH made some chocolate chip cookies after he discovered I had finished off the oreo's- so I was 'forced' to eat about 4 of those. And, he makes big cookies!!! I'm sure my body will thank me for all of those calories right before bed.
Oh, ya- not sure if I said where we were going to fly to- Corpus Christi. We are staying there Thursday night. Then going to Victoria, TX Friday and Saturday night. My momma & step dad are going with us (so 2 adults, 4 children- in all reality... haha (the men are the extra children)). It's more of a family reunion trip. I haven't seen this side of the family since I was close to age 9. I'm pretty excited about seeing them. They are all grown up now... married with kids of their own. One of my goals is to get some great beach pics of the boys! (If we make it..... oh, there's that negativity again...)

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  1. Jess,
    Let me be the one to ENCOURAGE you!!! I have flown too many times to count with Ellie (often just myself and Ellie), even when she was a VERY colicky infant. So, if I can do it, you can too!

    First off, you have to tell yourself that flying is actually WAY WAY safer than driving. Car wrecks happen so often that you don't even hear about them in the news. Plane crashes are SO SO SO RARE that they make the news. You are actually MUCH safer in a plane than in a car!

    Secondly, TAKE YOUR STROLLER WITH YOU!!! I can't imagine going through airports without my stroller. Do you have the kind that folds up (ie: umbrella stroller)? You can "green tag" it, which means that you can take it with you all the way to the plane. Then, a baggage handler will take it from you right outside the plane entrance, stow it away, and it will be ready for you right after the flight. It's THE BEST! Plus, then you can put some of your bags into the stroller.

    Do you have a portable DVD player and/or laptop? Our DVD player has been a lifesafer on planes. Otherwise, just make sure that you have activity toys packed away in a bag that's easily accesible.

    You will do GREAT! It's funny, because I get MUCH more nervous about road trips (anything over 3 hours in a vehicle) than plane trips!

    Have a GREAT holiday! Y'all deserve some time away!

  2. ok yep another BTDT mama-with Bella when she was only 9 months old to a foreign country!!! LOL

    You can sooooo take your children's milk with you. And anything extra you need specially for Logen, get his doctor to write a note and they will let you take just about anything on the plane. Baby food-get the smaller bottles of Gerber food and you can take an unlimited amount. I got Bella a little Dora lunchbag (insulated) and put a small frozen ice thingy in it, and loaded it up with baby food. No questions at the security points:) They did throw away a perfectly new bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion that I forgot was in the diaper bag (GRRRR)!!!! You can make as many bottles (sippy cups) as you need for Logen. And they do not limit the number of carry-ons you have for kids. I think we had like 4 bags in all that we carried on-my laptop, Ben's carry on, Bella's diaper bag, a toy bag, and her lunch bag (ok so 5 LOL).

    Go through your house and find some small toys that the boys haven't played with in a while and hide them, or go to WalMart (having super duper toy clearance in Jane right now) and buy some cheap toys and don't let them play with them. Pack all the secret toys in a bag and bring them out on the plane-it'll be like Christmas. Bella loved it!!!

    I agree with chrystie-totally take the stroller with you. Why the heck not?!?! We took ours and it was a life saver. Even if Bella didn't ride in it, we used it to throw everything in and push LOL You can take it right to the gate with you, all the way up to the plane door and the lil dude will tag it and put it underneath and then when you get off the plane, its right there waiting for you as you step off. Its awesome:)

    Make the lag time at the airport fun. A lot of airports have McDonald's with lil play areas. What airports are ya'll flying in/out of? DFW has awesome kids areas. XNA sucks but there is alot of open space that the boys can run around and be wild munchkins. People are really awesome at airports when it comes to kids. They totally understand that kids are NOT gonna behave and need to get their energy out BEFORE getting on the plane. Thats the main thing-let them run wild and crazy before you get on the plane each time, slip a lil Dymatap in their systems and you'll be good to go.

    Be sure to nurse Parker when you are taking off and landing-it'll help his ears from popping. For Logen, you can go to WalMart in the pharmacy section and buy these things called EarPlanes. They are little ear plugs that make their ears pop. I have to use them because my ears suck and get majorly screwed up when I fly-they have saved my ear drums tons of times. They are pretty cheap too and totally worth it.

    Hrmmm I'll see if I can think of anything else before then. I have a little flight jacket that Parker could wear that goes over their heads and lets you buckle them in attached to your seat buckle so they can sit in your lap but still be safe.

  3. Ok. First of all---I'm so thrilled to hear your update about this.
    2nd of all: So random..but I used to date a guy from Victoria Tx. (for like 2 years) His entire family lives there. The Obenhous family. Have fun! I know exactly what your trip will be like. I've done it--both ways! Corpus and all. Hugs!


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