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Thursday, May 29, 2008

4 Week Post-Op Check-Up

Tuesday was my 4 week post-op check (for my boobies). It went well. I've been a little concerned that they were to small. I told the nurse when she came in and had me put on a gown. She laughed at me. She looked at them very closely and said no way! She went to get Dr K and he walked in and said, "girl- do you know how hard it was to get them that size?! You have very tight muscles, so we really had to stretch to fill them with 390cc's (each)." I told them my main concern was the side view. To me, when I wear a bra (which isn't often bc I can NOT find one that doesn't gape open at the sides!!!) the side view is small. I wish I could have videoed and put them getting into position and staring at the side of my boob on you tube. They got down eye level and both basically told me I was nuts. He told me that if I wasnted to go any bigger, he wouldn't do the surgery. A) b/c they would have no place to go- the implant would stick out under my armpit B) If we used a high profile implant, they would end up looking like bullets- not very attractive. So, I left a little more confident in my size. 34 D, so I guess I should be HAPPY!! They just don't look that big to me. But, then again we all know what messed up views I have of size. I apparently don't judge that well.
I will continue doing my breast stretches for the next 6 months (I go back to him in Sept, unless I feel the need to see him sooner). When tanning, I must cover my incision area- it can mess with the healing and scar tissue to tan that area. So, I bought extra large bandaides. I'm going to have some nice large white squares on my boobies. Dr K jokingly told me "no nude beaches this summer". He also suggested rubbing cocoa butter w/ vitamin E on my scar to help soften it. So, I let Adam do that.
Bra shopping is going HORRIBLY. I have been everyday for a week. I have been cleared to wear underwire. I have been to a million stores. The poor ladies at Victoria's Secret are probably ready to shoot me. I spent a good 2 hours in there yesterday trying on every bra in stock in my size. My implants are still a bit high, so the bras gape where the strap connects to the bra. I've been wearing my extra large bandaides instead of a bra. You can't tell. The girls are nice and perky :) hahaha Shopping for clothes that made your boobs look bigger was hard- now trying to find close that flatter you big boobs and don't make you look like a $lut is hard to!

Happy Thursday :) God Bless! Love you all!!!!!

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  1. I miss having you around more! Glad things are kind of going well :)

  2. Hey Jess! Glad to hear things are going well. I've missed seeing you around!

  3. Jess - I am glad to hear that things are going well. Poor Adam has a rough job, I am sure he is hating it - LOL!

    Take care and I cannot wait to see more pictures!

    Did you start the new job?

  4. I love some of the sweathers and shirts from the Venus catalog. I received 400 CC and am also a 34 D. Sometimes I wish they were bigger, but they actually look very real and nobody can tell that they are implants! Good luck! I love wearing tanks without bras

  5. Glad you are healing well dear. LOL about you driving the Victoria's secret girls crazy.

  6. LMAO, welcome to the club, hon! Before I had Brianna, you know, back when they were perky and all, I had a hard time finding cute tops that didn't make me look slutty. No spaghetti straps for me. Now, I have problems finding tops in an appropriate size for me that don't gape in the front! Seriously. Just because they're big doesn't mean you wanna let them hang out! But I agree, when are you posting more pics?


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