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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Listening Skills & Whining- Help Me Please!

I NEED to vent. My children have to have the WORST listening skills in the world. Is it just a tough age? For them both?! I say let's go.... they run in opposite directions. AWAY from the van. Which way do I go? I look like the village idiot. Running after 2 kids who don't listen to mom. I feel like I am constantly nagging 2 kids, "Listen to mommy", "What did Mommy say just say?", "Mommy said no". Do they hear me? Do they care what I say.... Today has been really bad, if you can't tell. I need a mommy vacay. Bad. And, then there's whining. Is age 4 that age? Logen has been horrible lately. I don't know if it's just that he wants so bad to talk and tell us something or its just him being whiney. He cries ALOT. Over stupid stuff. Like, you can't have the muddy car in the house, or don't bite your brother. Tears- fit throwing. Thats all thats going on at my house. I am SOOOOOO ready to go back to school. I don't think I was cut out for this stay at home mom business. I lack patience I guess. I lack something. I get frustrated to easily. Maybe right now wasn't a good time for a post. I sound terribly insensitive. I love my children, I promise. Do you have any hints? What am I doing wrong?! Surely we can fix this? How do you get an 18 month old and an almost 5 y/o with special needs to listen and not whine? I keep thinking the combo of school and therapy will help for Logen, but I'm not seeing a change in behavior. He's mocking his younger brother. Granted, he never went through the stage Parker is in. Do we have to go through it now? I can't take 2 kids going through 'terrible two's' or whatever stage we are at right now. I'm still sore for one. When you hurt, you tend to be a little more cranky. Maybe thats the case. Logen's biting. At almost 5. That's not acceptable at preschool, for Parker's age- yes, not Logen's. If he does it to much, he gets kicked out. So, I could use some advice!!!!!!! :)

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  1. I'm so sorry Jess, I don't have any real good advice. I've got a pretty bad whiner butt living here too. I guess we just have to hope that they grow out of it. Good luck and vent away anytime!

  2. I don't know much yet about SN children as they grow. Sammy whines a lot but all my kids did. From about now (14 months on) till 2 when they can really talk. So, I do think that Logen is SUPER frustrated. I look at my four year old, Anna, and she never stops talking, I don't mean that to make you feel bad. But to say he has so much that he wants to say to you that he is getting frustrated. He is probably frustrated at Parker and can't tell him so he bites him.

    As for Parker around age two you will see the whining start to fade out. You will get a few "You mean mommy!" but not as much crying.

    And you are a great mom. My mom would never of been a great SAHM. She always has worked. We are best friends and there couldn't of been a better mom. I think sometimes you need to get out, do your thing and you will be a stronger mom and wife. And feel better all around. I think the school thing is such a great idea!!! But wanting to go back to school does not make you a bad mom or selfish. You are trying to do what is best for your family. I think about this all the time, how lucky we are to live in this era where we can have the choice. Also the boys are getting to the age where peer interaction is so good for them too, so it will be great for everyone. SAHM, WAH, WOH....we are so lucky!!!

    OK...that was a LONG ramble

  3. Love the Boob pics! I got mine done after having Alex( my Cp baby) and it was a great decision. Bikini season is almost here! Cant wait.

  4. Oh, Jess....sounds like you were having a rough day. I have to say though that I go through the same challenges as you. With Joshie being pretty much non-verbal, it's EXTREMELY frustrating for him not to be able to tell me what he wants/what's hurting, etc. He cries & whines constantly, so much that sometimes I wanna lock myself (or him!!LOL) in the bathroom!! Add to the fact that Mia is completely crazy & it's enough to make any Mom wanna run & hide!!!
    I feel your pain, sweetie & you are not alone!!
    (( HUGS ))
    -Melissa :)


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