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Monday, May 19, 2008

Parker Went To School!

Today was Parker's 1st day of "school" (daycare). His teacher said he did very well for a first day. He did NOT bite anybody! Woohoo! When I walked to the door to leave this morning, of course he followed waving at the children and saying bye. His teacher took him and he starting screaming. I felt like the worst Mom ever.
When I picked him up, he was sitting at the table finishing snack. His teacher said he had a good lunch (they had nachos, green beans, and fruit- he picked the cheese and meat off the chips, ate his green beans and 2 servings of fruit). He stole the other children's milk cups. She did say he liked to eat off the other childrens plates. Not a suprize, he tends to eat off of everybodys at home to. Makes Logen MAD! He cried during most of his nap (heart breaker there!). He cried when he first saw me walk through the door to get him. He walked over to me, I picked him up and he starting waving and saying "bye". When I opened the door he ran down the hall to the front yelling 'bye' and waving. When we got outside he ran to the van. He jabbered all the way to get Logen from therapy. I think he was happy to be with Mommy! I am hoping he has less tears tomorrow!

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  1. I am sure tomorrow will be much better. That is cute that he is going to school now!

  2. Yay for the both of you! I'm sure it will only get easier!! :)

  3. I know how hard it is to leave the little ones. I am thinking of you and hoping today went better


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