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Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm am seriously going nuts w/o the net at home! Here's our updates:

Parker had an OT eval this morning. He is at the BOTTOM of the 'normal' scale for his real age. Using his adjusted, it looks much better. Tabi said we'd keep a close eye on him and she'd give me lots of home ideas. The kid needs major movement, touchy, feely kinda stuff. He's a sensory input needing kinda guy!

Logen is up for a speech eval. DREADING the results. I HATE HATE HATE re-eval time. Makes me sick.

I'm healing nicely. My stitches were taken out yesterday, OUCH! He left the steristrips (tape) to hold the skin together and told me I could start picking it off in about a week or so. I am doing 'boobie exercises' several times a day. Ok, actually I'm making my hubby do them. I think he secretly enjoys it. It's about the only action he's getting from me right now! LOL I can't bend over, it hurts! Picking up the boys hurts to, but I don't have much of a choice on that one. I have to sleep flat on my back b/c rolling to the side is rather painful. I'm whining yes- but, I don't regret it. I love looking at them! Tabi (Logen's OT) told me this morning I was texting her last week saying it totally sucked and never ever ever do it. So, if she got that message I am sure several of you did :P

Hoping to have the net up and running SOON! I'm going nutso w/o it!!!! I have a hundred things I need to blog about!

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