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Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Call From St Louis

I just got off the phone with the APN at the CP center in St Louis. I had asked several questions about Logen's MRI findings (since, to me- they appeared totally different!!!) She said she would talk to Dr Brunstrom and give me a call back. Dr B studied the MRI's very carefully and came to the comclusion, that they are actually similiar. It wasn't the same Radiologist (nor the same hospital) that interpretted the 2 MRI's- which is one reason the findings appeared so different. She said that the views were different on the 2, which is why the impressions seemed different. I still don't see where a 'scar' came from. Could be just what the 1st Neuro thought?! Especially if one MRI said, "prominence of certain areas, otherwise normal brain MRI". I guess that is something we will ask when we see Dr B in January. This is all rather confusing!

Hugs Blog Family :)

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