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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Little Vent

I started PT yesterday afternoon. I wanted to cry when I left! He didn't make me do too many exercises that were 'hard', but man did they make me hurt!!!! He told me that I haven't been using those muscles, and thats why they would be a bit more sore after stretching them out. You think????!!!!! I haven't been using them b/c they HURT! LOL He also told me I should be going w/o the sexy neck brace more frequently. Apparently I am compensating for my weaknesses. Hmmmm.... who do I sound like?? (Logen... cough cough) He wants to see my 2x a week. Seriously, I will NOT push Logen to come home & do a ton of work after therapy. I was exhausted after therapy!!! And, Logen goes for 3 hours at a time. Maybe I should re-think that! No wonder he can be crabby when he's done! Now I feel like a mean 'ole momma!! ;)

In case any of you don't know--- This totally bites! I wish that dude wouldn't have hit me. (Like anybody really wants to be hit, right? I was lucky, I know this- it could have been FAR worse. God was watching over us. Thank You Jesus!) I am a very busy lady. I have a lot to do. I really don't have time to do anything for myself. Much less spend 40 mins in a car driving there, 1 hour in therapy, and 40 minutes driving home. Apparently, he didn't know that when he was driving like a goober and just 'ladeda'd' right into the back of my van. Maybe I should put a HUGE stop sign back there that says, "Do not hit me. I do not have time to deal with all that it requires. Thanks. Have a Blessed Day." You think that would work? I'm super paranoid every time I come to a stop. I stop and quickly look into my rearview mirror and say a little prayer that the person coming to a hault behind me really comes to a hault and doesn't use my bumper to do so. I do it everytime. It's almost pathetic at this point. Enough venting, I have things to do. Parker is sitting under my feet driving a truck on them. He wants some Mommy time before we get Logen in a hour.

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  1. Girl..I can only imagine how scary it is to drive. Yes! Poor Logen after therapy. I so agree. I give Luke a huge break these days.


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