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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MRI 1 vs MRI 2

I said I'd post this a while back- just haven't had a chance! So, here's the Findings & Impressions on the 1st & 2nd MRI's. Can you decifier this???

MRI # 1 (1/31/2005)

Findings: The myelination is somewhat delayed for a 17 month old infant. However, it could be WNL if the patient was born significantly prematurely. {Logen was born at the end of 36 weeks, not considered premature} There appears to be some gliosis and mild atrophy in the left mesial temporal lobe as well.

MRI # 2 (6/18/2007)

There is prominence of the subarachnoid spaces, perivascular spaces, and Virchow-Robin spaces. The echo planar susceptibility (T2*) sequences reveal no evidence of acute or chronic hemorrhage. The ventricles are normal in size and position without evidence of hydrocephalus. There are no areas of abnormal contrast enhancement. There is no evidence of optic or hypothalamic glioma.
On the sagittal images the midline markers are unremarkable. Specifically, the scalp and calvarium are normal. The superior sagittal sinus demostrates normal venus flow. The corpus callosum is normal in shape and signal intensity. The posterior fossa in unremarkable. The upper cervical spinal cord and spine are normal.
The visualized portions of the orbits, mastiods, and paranasal sinuses are unremarkable. Normal flow viods are demostrated in the carotid arteries and basilar artery.

MRI # 1 (1/31/2005)

Impression: Probable gliosis and encephalomalacia in the left mesial temporal lobe. Delayed myelination for an infant born term. If the patient was born significantly premature, the myelination could be WNL.

MRI # 2 (6/18/2007)

Impression: Prominence of subarachnoid spaces, perivascular spaces, and Virchow-Robin spaces. Otherwise, normal brain MRI.

When I opened the newest MRI report, I about FLIPPED! Those of you who I talk to regularly can agree!! LOL So, WHAT DOES LOGEN HAVE!?!??!?!?!? The Neuro ordered some blood amino acids tests and a urine organic acid test. I will call Thursday or Friday to check results. She said that sometimes a child doesn't process or break down amino acids, which can mimic CP. Logen's therapists have said that while is tone is spastic- it doesn't apper "CPy" Does that make sense. Now, we wait. Once again........ If Arkansas Children's misdiagnosed Logen, I am going to be LIVID! Esp if what he has is curable. LIVID, I tell you, LIVID!

So, what do YOU think?????

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  1. k totally honest:

    HOLY SHIT UNEFFINFREAKIN BELIEVABLE MFERS!!!!!!!!!! Its like looking at two different people's MRIs!!! WTF?!?! Ok so I'm totally flabergasted that I can't even think now-but if its not CP, and its whatever that causes stuff to not break down correctly, is there a magic pill they can give him to make his body do that???? Oh wow, I wouldn't be getting a wink of sleep!

  2. That is something we have thought about to. Did one of the hospitals screw up on the MRI's? Did Logen's chart get switched in St Louis or Arkansas? One of my mom's MRI's got put into a 'normal' person's chart. I'm sure when they got the results back that they didn't have a left adrenal gland, they flipped out. I would! We got back in January, and I have a HUGE list of questions- that is if the APN can't answer them over the phone when I call at the end of the week. St Louis has the images of AR's and theirs. I'll be asking to VIEW them, I'm not accepting the written reports!

  3. Ok girl. Insurance pays for 2nd opinions. Get another one if you have too and be aggressive about it. The thing is honey, many children are undiagnosed or diagnosed incorrectly. I see it all the time. And yes! There is so much hope!! SO MUCH! The medical field is exploding with drugs that help people function so much better now. Look at Luke!
    I pray you get a clear dx direction for Logen and that the Lord shows you His hand in all of it.
    Huge hugs...praying sweetie.


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