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Friday, December 7, 2007

Parker's Sick

Took Parker to the Dr this morning, he's got croup. Nice! The poor kiddo has been battling snot for the last 2 weeks. He's now on Orapred (a steriod) which makes the kiddo nuts (and me too!).

He may also have Echsema (I can't spell this word, I hope you get what I'm saying). Dr told us to stop using Johnson's baby wash. It apparently can strip the paint off of a car?! She gave us a sample of a lotion to try and a coupon (how thoughtful) for it. We will also throw out our J & J and buy Aveeno.

Parker weiged in at 19.6 lbs this morning! Woohooo my 13 month old is almost 20 lbs!! He has stood on his own 2x today! For a total of 30 seconds each time! He's beginning to get interested in pushing his walker thing around, although he stays in the bedroom on the carpet. The wood floor is too dangerous. Right now, he's pushing Logen's kiddie table chair around the kitchen. Silly boy!

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  1. Oh no! How I hate orapred (prednisone) Jacob just got off it 11 days ago. (see it even makes you count!! LOL) WTG on the standing...I hope he's running around in no time!


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