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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Logen's got infantigo! His seizures are on the rise. Neuro had us give Klonopin on Friday b/c of a weird 2 hr funk/possible seizure that happened on Thursday night. They won't increase the Keppra again b/c it's causing Logen to walk into walls and fall all over himself. This is a side effect of the drug. I wish they would just pull him off of it!!!!! His attitude/behavior has been 'not-so-great'. Also a side effect.
He's on an antibio for the Infantigo and doing well. His face has cleared up alot. The Dr said after 48 hours on the med he wouldn't be contagious, phew! It'd pass on as strep and nobody has a sore throat (yet) so I guess we are in the clear thus far.
I have sent off for the records to go from one Children's Hosp to the other. Once St Louis gets them, they will review and see whats next. We have already been told the next step needs to be a spinal tap. I just don't think we are ready to subject Logen to that.
Pray for Logen!

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  1. Jessica, I never even heard of infantigo till now, it sounds horrible. I hope Logen is feeling much better from it. I am so sorry about the seizures. I hope you guys get some real answers, soon. Sending good vibes your way.

  2. I am praying for Logen and hoping he feels better soon. Keep us posted on everything. I am thinking of the little guy.

  3. Poor lil guy! I hope you find answers SOON! Hang in there!

  4. That poor little guy - my heart goes out to him and you. I hope he starts getting better soon. I too hope you get some answers soon. I'll be checking back for updates.

  5. I agree I will be praying for you guys. Keep us posted!!!


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