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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry! More Logen Test Results

For the blog neglect. Last week was crazy. I was up from 6am Wednesday to 11pm Thursday. I had a test Thursday and I guess once I stay up for a while, my body forgets how to shut off. I also wrote 7 labs reports (was originally 6, but one snuck up on me!) Wednesday.

Logen's 'issues' last week were crazy. Today he's had a hard time walking. He's falling all over the place. He had a few days where he couldn't keep his drink in his mouth (he's on a soft nipple nuby cup, and he's been doing this since he was 3- he was never able to drink from a bottle b/c of poor suck). Saturday in OT, his OT said his facial muscles were very tight- something strange, they've not been that tight in a long time.

We kinesotaped Logen's mouth for 'trial' Tuesday. He held drool is for about 10 minutes (max). His SLP said as long as he does that, we will continue to try it. It peels off very quickly once he begins drooling, so it's not something that we will keep on. I will learn to do this once we perfect the method and placement of tape so that I can tape for feeding. This all depends on if it continues to work of course.

Logen has several appts coming up. We head to St Louis in the next 2 weeks for the Epilepsy Doc and Neuro. Then we head south to our Children's Hosp for Genetics and Endocrinology.
Logen had a bone scan done to determine to the age of his bones. At the time of the testing Logen was 5 years 3.5 months. His approximate bone age was 5 years. The conclusion was normal, but will be addressed at the Endocrine appt. Same with the fact that he's still wearing 4T and has been since Spring 2006. People are beginning to tell us he's getting skinny.
WHY? A lady followed me out of Wal-Mart last night to ask how old my son was, pointing to Logen. I told her 5. She said, oh. Turned and walked back in. Why do people do this? B/c he was walking funny? B/c he drools? I told girlfriend who told me I sould have gone back in and asked why she cared. I told her it didn't matter. That lady was actually nice, many of you know the rude and cruel comments you get.
Parker is doing well with 'no biting'. Tabasco only 4x since Febuary 15!
My Dad & Liz celebrated their 22nd Anniversary yesterday! My littlest Sis turns 14 today and Liz's birthday is tomorrow.

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  1. More hugs coming your way, Jess! I hope these next few weeks find you the answers you so desperately need!

  2. I too hope that you find some answers soon. Logen is SO handsome. I love the pictures of him. Keep us posted on the taping.

  3. I am so sorry there are such insensitive people in this world! Next time we will follow her home and roll her house!! :O)
    Much love you you all...Dallas


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