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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Logen's Got The Flu

We are on day 5 of Type A Influenze (The Flu!) and an ear infection.... He's not had a fever in 24 hours, but his cough is NASTY and he's still not eating. :(

For some reason, his seizures do not increase when he's ill. This should be yet another clue for whatever Logen has b/c this is NOT typical!!!! Right?

Looking forward to St Louis in a few days. Hoping we learn valuable info!!! And, Adam wants to go to Cabella's so bad he can taste it. A few hours in a hunting store. Yea for Mom. Oh, I dread it!

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  1. Oh poor Logen! That is too bad, it was such a bad sickie season.

  2. Oh Logen. That stinks! I hope that everyone starts feeling better soon! I agree with Dawn, it has been an awful winter for illness. I will be so glad when summer gets here!

    Keep us posted on St. Louis

  3. I am praying Logen is feeling better soon! I am SOOOOO ready for warm weather to flush out the cooties!! My kids are always sick it seems!! Round #546 of the cold and cough here!
    And Luke would be MORE than happy to join Adam at Cabelas and take your place!! He wants to go SO badly, but we live in craps-ville, so there isn't one close enough to us. :(
    Let us know how St. Louis goes!!

  4. I hope poor Logen feels better soon! And I hope you have a great trip to St. Louis. Can't wait to hear about it.


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