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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Missouri Bound!

It's snowing! It was 70+ earlier in the week and it's snowing!!!!!! Crazy weather in the south.

We've been watching road conditions- most say "travel only if absolutely necessary". But, we had 70 degree weather earlier in the week, so the roads cannot be that bad. I think we are going to try to truck to Springfield, MO tonight. They have an AWESOME resturant where they throw rolls at you :) Good southern fried food. Yum. And, Bass Pro Shop. How could we make this trip without stopping there? I could- Adam could not.

From S'field we will be around 4 hours from St Louis (give or take), so tomorrows drive shouldn't be to bad. Monday's weather looks the best- the day we will be in the hospital all day long! Go figure. And, rain Tuesday! The day we drive home. Yippeeee!

I will update as I can. I am on Facebook and you may get more out of my "status updates" b/c I can do those from my phone. As well as pictures. I can upload those instantly. If I'm not your friend, add me :) My email is jklduncan@yahoo.com I think you can add me that way.

Wish us luck!

Our house sitters promised not to pull pranks on us this go around! haha (I posted pictures when we got home from Florida last August)

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  1. Hope the appt. is going well. Thinking of you guys!

  2. I also hope that things are going well for you all. I am praying for Logan and for much needed answers to help him! Be safe. I keep lurking, and I mean to post, but... I am agig fast and forgetful! LOL! Seriously!!


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