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Monday, January 19, 2009

Logen's Pathology Report

The 'tumor' cells/tissue came back consistent with those of a 'typical' Lipoblastoma. Which means.... it's not cancerous!!!!! Yay Logen!

The area is still swollen (or they didn't remove all of the tissue), so the nurse said to watch it over the next week (to 2 weeks). If the swelling doesn't go down by 3 weeks post-surgery, there could be reason for concern. So, for now- we will just watch it.

He was up wrestling, tackling, climbing, etc with kids on Saturday night and by bedtime the poor little guy was really hurting. He's not been as active as he was Saturday night since pre-surgery.

Logen has really been motivated to use his talker (augmentative communication device) lately, for that we are all thrilled!

Only 5-6 more weeks of waiting for results on the genetic tests! Keep Praying!!!

** Camera has been found, on top of the fridge in the garage (it was the only thing on it, so it stuck out). Don't ask me how it got there. I have NO clue! **

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  1. GLAD for that excellent report! Hope the following results are just as good.

    What device does Logen use? Max has a Dynavox.

  2. Great for that good report!! I wil contine to pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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