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Friday, January 9, 2009

Surgery Went Well!

We are finally out of the hospital :) Logen did BEAUTIFULLY! Glory to God! Thank you to all of our Prayer Warriors!
We got there around 5:30am. He was wheeled to the OR at 8 and surgery started at 8:30 (they ended up intibating, so prep took a little longer). He was done and in recovery by 9:20. We were called into a consult room (which freaked me out b/c the other Dr's had just gone into the waiting room to speak to familes) and told he went through with flying colors :) He doesn't expect the pathologists to find anything 'bad' and all of the tumor was on top of the muscle- great news! Relief!
We weren't able to see him until nearly 10 and he was in alot of pain when we got back there (his little cry was aweful! He was very ticked at the IV as well) They gave him some Morphine and my little man was out!
He did get sick a few times, but a little Zofran fixed him right up. He ate a popsicle and perked up a little.
He had to finish 2 bags of IV fluids before he could be discharged as well as prove he could keep down clear liquids.
He is very mellow chilling on Daddy's lap watching cartoons right now. He's got an excuse for another 3-5 days out of school. And he can't shower (sponge bathe only!) for a full week! -It's a little boys dream!!! haha If he could say, "Bring on the mud" I'd bet anybody money he would!

** I have info about the other appts- I will hopefully beable to post on that tonight. We still need prayers!

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  1. That is great news Jessica! I remember my son puked all over me when he got out of surgery. Good times! LOL

    We are continuing to pray for Logan and for YOU.

    Take Care,


  2. I meant Logen. Sorry about that!~

  3. YAY!!! I guess all of my extra prayers worked ;)

    ((HUGS)) to you all!!


  4. Continuing to pray for you all and so glad that the surgery went without a hitch.

    Alison - Andrew's mom


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