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Monday, January 26, 2009


We're all 'iced' in here! So far, Fed-ex hasn't (or ever has since Adam has been there) closed due to bad weather. Impassable roads and major power outages are expected. I think the latest forcast was about 1 inch of ice.

I passed the tummy bug onto Logen (who woke up in poop and transferred it to our bed at 4am). Adam now has the bug and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Parker doesn't end up with it. No power with sick family members... a bucket of fun!

I'm worried about Adam having to be on the roads tomorrow. So please say a prayer for him.

Logen & Parker's schools have been closed (and closed early today) for tomorrow. If the college is open, class will go on with out me (I didn't go today either... I felt icky!)

So, that's our Monday! It's Adam's birthday too!

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