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Friday, January 2, 2009

Wednesday's CT

WAS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I arrived early, the test was ordered wrong- the the right diagnosis. Thankfully, the CT lady caught it so she called the Dr to have it fixed. However, inorder to do the contrast with a 'possible tumor in the kidney/adrenal gland' region- you must have labs done to make sure your kidneys functions are normal. This lab tech sucked. I have never in my life had a vein get rock hard, swell up and hurt so badly for over 24 hours afterwards!! I took a pic w/ my phone Wed night after it was still puffy. I wish I would have thought to do it after it happened b/c it was ugly!

Then when they finally got me back to do the contrast IV, they put it in wrong- man, did it BURN! I was in tears. It's not like they use a small gauage either (and my arms aren't that big) One lady was saying, it doesn't hurt- put it behind you head... The other lady said, she's in tears- I think it hurts. It took about 40 minutes and was over. I was so happy. I started taking the IV out myself and got in trouble :P Friggin' hurt and I was done with it! I'm a horrible patient.

No word yet. *Hopefully* soon...

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  1. Ouch!! Sorry you had such a bad experience and that it hurt so badly! You'd think they'd know it hurt if you were crying! Silly 'professionals'.


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