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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pretend You Hear A Rrrrrr....

Square Roots, Quadratic Equations, Fractions, and those little minus signs in front of numbers are my enemies (yea, I know what they are)!!!!! We are reviewing 'basic math' in my Calc class.

My Jr. English teacher announced Monday that he doesn't teach class on Fridays. I think I might love him. hahaha (don't tell my hubby! shhhhhhh) I'm kidding. Totally sarcastic. He's a little 'weird'.

Today was a snow day. We found out when we were standing at our door watching the bus just sit on the corner of the road, then it by-passed our house. I was a bit confused. I called the bus barn and asked why. The lady said, "mam- school was cancelled about 30 seconds ago. You're fast!" I didn't even know it was suppose to snow today! Wow. I'm in the loop. I wouldn't have even tried to put my baby on the bus had I known there was a bit of slickery roads!

I asked Parker to get off the table during dinner. He said "No Mama. Shhhh" (with his little finger pushed up against his lips) How do you not laugh at that???? Holy cow. Where did he get that? And, how do you get on to a child that cracks you up with everything he does?!

I lost my camera. We took pictures of Logen's leg Sunday and I put it on my dresser. I wanted to take daily pictures of the 'boo-boo'. And, it just disappeared. Seriously, gone. It grew legs and walked off. I asked both boys and of course, nobody knows where it is. I've torn my house apart looking for it. I have some really stinkin' cute pictures on it too!!!!

TGIF ... in 2 hours ...

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  1. Hi Jess - Did you ever find the camera? Don't you love it when that happens! We are currently hunting for our kitty brush that somehow grew legs and walked off!

    How are classes going? Fill us in!!


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