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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anheuser-Bush Tour

We finally made it to Anheuser Bush today after Logen's appt. We had planned on being there most of the afternoon since out previous appt lasted about 4 or 5 hours. But, we got out after only an hour and had free time!! So, went went to tour the brewery! It was pretty neat and even the boys had fun! It was a 7 block walk all together. And, the free beer at the end was a minor perk! LOL

(On "Cars" when Lightning McQueen is teased for his lights being 'stickers' I laughed- I didn't know REAL race cars had stickers as headlights! Adam got onto me for touching the race car... I had to touch to believe! LOL)

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  1. k well he can make fun of me too-so the lights don't actually work? I feel like a moron-I worked the pits for Matt Kenseth when he still raced dirt tracks in WI-he had REAL lights!!!! Guess in the "real" races it would just weigh it down.

  2. Hi Jessica - Great blog! I will keep this bookmarked and keep my eyes on you guys better now! Sounds like a very interesting trip happening, good luck with bugging the heck out of the CP clinic. It needs to be done though. ;) Super pictures, the boys have grown so much!

    Take Care,
    Dawn ~ Tommy & Austin

  3. Wow! You inspire me girl. You keep super busy with these kiddo's and your doing some really cool stuff. LOVING YOUR DUO STROLLER!


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