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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Appt With Dr Gutman

Well... The ansthesiologist was RIGHT! The fatty mass is NOTHING to worry about! Infact, he said "you can take the time you spent worrying about this and worry about something else!" Holy Moly! A Dr realizes & admits that parents worry! LOL He said it didn't necessarily need to be removed unless it became bothersome to Logen or if he was self-conscious about the appearance. Since he's a boy and his shorts will always be long, I don't think that will be a problem.

Now, for the "head part". We were really left going "What the heck?" I was under the impression that we would get answers on BOTH today. However, Dr Gutman is a neuro- but deals mainly with neurofibromatosis. So, he said he was leaving the head part to Dr Brunstrom. I said our appt is not until Jan 14!!! I refuse to wait 6 months!! He said, "oh, no she will call you within a couple of weeks" A couple of weeks?!?! WHAT??? What he did say only left us with more questions! He said-- the MRI looks pretty NORMAL? What's that? Normal!? HUH? He said he saw a few minor abnormalities. Again, WHAT???????????????????????????? So, my job for the next few weeks is to annoy the crap out of the CP clinic until I get answers! (there's obviously something going on, he's got somee pretty significant speech/oral issues!)

MORE PRAISE FOR SLCH~ Sheila (the nurse who was with Logen during his MRI yesterday) called this morning to check on him!! How wonderful!

I'll let ya know what we find out. Until then, please just keep on prayin'!

* The pics below are in the Dr's office. Logen pulled the lovely paper gown off rather quickly. Like before he got off the exam table quickly.... *

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  1. WHAT THE HELL?!?!? I'll volunteer to call and bug them 10 times a day for ya-that is ridiculous!!! At least you got SOME good news-and it was AWESOME news at that. I'll pray for your sanity and that the CP Clinic realizes who they are messing with and give ya some answers super fast:)


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