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Friday, July 27, 2007

Logen got "Taped"!!!

Logen got Kinesio taped in PT today. Here are some pics to show you where she put it & what it looks like. The tape is basically like a firm hand rub on the muscles at all times. It's on the front of his legs, the side and his lil' booty. The tape stays on 3-10 days. Depending on any major blow out diapers we may have :( You can shower & swim, etc in the tape. Since this is the 1st time for Logen to wear the tape; we will have to see what happens when we take it off- should we tape in those spots, use larger or smaller tape, etc. When he was squating this afternoon, I did notice that his knees did not 'go in' as much as they do w/o the tape. Cherri (PT) said that she has seen vast improvement in as little as one week of tape wearing!

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  1. Wow girl!! I'm so glad you blogged this. This is something I keep hearing about and have always wanted to see LIVE pics. Thanks so much and it sounds like it's working amazing. Your an awesome advocate Jessica.


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