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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip # 2

We are gearing up for another trip to St Louis. We will be leaving Tuesday. Our agenda is as follows:

Tuesday: driving- yuck! Esp with a baby that dislikes his carseat!

Wednesday: Logen's MRI is at 9:50am. We have to be at the hosp to get checked in at 8:30am. The nurse is suppose to call me next Tuesday to give me the details- ie: sedation, etc. (I will post more on this later) The MRI will be on the "so called birthmark" on the left thigh as well as the brain including the fossa (something). The rest of the day we will be hangin' out at the hotel. Not likely for Logen to want to go out and do anything! He will probably be cranky and tired from the sedation.

Thursday: We see Dr Gutman at 1:30pm. He's the neurofibroma dr. He will be giving us the results from the MRI. I had Ar Chidlren's send St Louie the actual images of his first head MRI so we could compare.

Friday: driving home- we may stop in Springfield so the boys can look around at Bass Pro Shop. Adam has been wanting to go there since January!

I will try and remember not to forget the lap top this trip! I am sure Thursday appt will provide great info. (HOPEFULLY GOOD INFO!)

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  1. Ya'll will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers next week!! I really hope it is awesome news, and if nothing else, just a definite answer!

    Hope the drive goes well. Bella HATED her carseat until we got her a big girl carseat (the kind they can sit in from birth til it changes to a booster seat) and LOVED it because she could see everything around her instead of just the ceiling. I got mine at WM and love it-FYI Ben's lab tested it and it passed all inspections for safety.

    Had to do the same thing for when we went grocery shopping-she started hating being in the carrier because she realized there was a world around here other than the ceiling and lights, so I bought one of those covers that straps into the buggy seat (had to use lots of extra padded cuz she is a tink)-OMG made a HUGE difference!!!

  2. Hey..praying it goes well.

    Hope your doing ok...big hugs,


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