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Monday, July 2, 2007

That's What I Think About That!

Adam & I were getting Logen ready for bed earlier. I brought Logen's PJ's and clean pull-up into the living room for Adam to put on him. I had gone out into the garage to get the dog food to feed Nola. I hadn't closed the door all the way. Logen grabbed his PJ's and made a B-line for the garage. He opened the door and tossed them out into the garage. Then, he tossed out the pull up. Adam & I stood in the living room laughing so hard! He turned around and looked at us with this huge grin, like "That's what I think about going to bed guys!" Things like that really make me wonder what's going on in his little mind. He's such a mess!!! It will be so great when we get the Aug comm device so he can tell us!!!

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