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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Parker is now a very mobile baby! He is getting around nicely via army crawling! He's really bugging his big brother now! I feel like the biggest nag! I cannot count the times in a day that I am getting on to Logen for: hitting, climbing on, taking away toys, rolling his brother over, etc.... The list is endless! It's wonderful to see them play together- when they play! Parker has developed a little bit of an attitude and his personality is very cute! He's also getting into the "seperation anxiety" stage. I ran to the grocery store the other day and Parker saw me leave (Adam was here, not to worry) he screamed the entire time I was gone! He's truely a "Momma's Boy!"

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  1. I love watching them together-makes me want to give Bella a lil brother or sister (yeah that thought lasts for about 5 seconds LOL). Most adorable thing ever was when Parker was fussing and Logen ran over and patted his bottom-THAT is awesome!!! I hope Bella and her lil person are that close.


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