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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This morning was off to a very early start! Both boys woke up at 7 am-- that NEVER happens! Logen usually wakes up around 10 or later! He must have known something was up! It about killed me to deprive Logen of food and milk! He was signing "eat" until they 'masked' him with the gas to put him out. My poor lil guy!

We left the hotel around 8. Arrived at the hosp at 8:30. We checked in and were taken to the Procedure Center. The nurse went over the MRI details, checked his BP, pulse O2, etc. Around 9:30 one of the neurologists from the CP Center came to see Logen and talk to us. He wanted to make sure we knew *exactly* what they were doing and what we were looking at/for. The Neuro said they were checking to see if the "birth-mark" was a neurofibroma band the possibility of neurofibromatosis. ECK! After he left, the nurse practitioner came in and talked to us about the same thing and also about the anesthesia. Then, the anesthesiologist came in and gave us the details and worse case scenerio (re: anesthesia). I got to walk back to the room with Logen. They put strawberry smelly stuff into a mask, I layed him down (of course, he was crying b/c he was scared and didn't want momma to lay him down) within 20 seconds my baby was out. I had tears in my eyes. Something about seeing your baby under anesthesia is just scary. I didn't want to leave. The nurse must have told me 10x they had it from there. She took his socks off and I snapped at her b/c his toes were going to get cold! (I'm such a momma!!) We were given a pager (how cool is that??) We could go all over the hospital and they'd page us when he was in recovery. There was a nice waiting room for parents of children in the Procedure Center. We were the only ones in there- Thank goodness b/c Parker is so nosey he wouldn't have nursed with others in there! About 2.5 hours later, we were paged!

We went back in and the nurse handed me my limp little noodle. He was so sweet and cuddly! Oh, I LOVE when he snuggles! (At the present time, he's running all over the hotel room avoiding any snuggling b/c he will pass out if he does- Actually, he's putting things in the microwave. Currently, there is a tractor & a motorcycle in there) I held him and the anesthesiologist came back in and said----- THE MASS IN HIS LEG IS JUST A LIPOMA!!!!!!!!!! Oh, ya- he said it was 'mushy' to! So glad a Dr uses the same terms as me!! LOL Then, he said- he's not at liberty to say that, so we'd have to get the conformation from the Dr at his appt tomorrow. We will just pray that this is really what it is!

I cannot tell you how relieved Adam & I were to hear that this is NOT a neurofibroma! How wonderful! PRAISE GOD! Here is a link explaining what a lipoma is--- http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/tc/Lipoma-Topic-Overview

Tomorrow afternoon we meet with the Neurologist. I am very anxious to hear about the MRI. I have so many questions. Does it look like the previous one? Has anything changed? Where exactly is the damage? I can go on & on!!! I will update tomorrow---

Oh, we were told Logen would be wobbly and probably wouldn't be himself today-- Um about 3 hours after we were home from the hosp Logen was up and walking around the hotel room. We had planned on ordering pizza and hanging out here. But, Logen grabbed the keys and was standing at the door! So, we decided go out. Logen decided....

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers! Keep praying tomorrow's news is just as wonderful!

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  1. Praise the Lord! Jess, I have been thinking of y'all and praying hard for Logen (and his sweet Mama!) today, and I am sooo thrilled with what went down! I will be waiting with baited breath to hear what the doctor says, but I'm so relieved to hear that the birthmark isn't anything serious! It's definitely a day for celebrating! Kiss that precious Logen for me!

  2. I posted earlier, but somehow it's not showing. I just wanted ti tell you thank God that it wasn't serious.

    This morning I rushed to read your blog as you all have been on my mind and prayers.
    Zita and Zaneil

  3. Jess, So great to hear the "potential" good news! (I love when they say they can't "officially" confirm anything, but tell you anyway! :)

    I am so happy that Logen is feeling good after the MRI! :) And Parker is the cutest in these pics! :) I will keep praying for continued good news! :)

    P.S. Luke is extremely jealous that you all are stopping at Bass Pro Shops tomorrow! He has been dying to go, but there aren't any close to us. :(

  4. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! That is so awesome!!! You can breathe again:)

  5. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! That is the BEST news I've heard all year!!! SOOO happy for all of you!! Love the pics too.....the boys are too cute!

  6. Awesome Jess--------Papaw has been asking about lil' toot. All relieved about the birthmark! keeping fingers crossed on the other....... I'm loving your blogs!
    Love ya, Auntie Jennifer


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