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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Disaster Area

Do you ever feel like your house is trashed, or is it just me? While I posted the 'post' below, my wonderful children who only take care of their toys and never make messes (HAHAHA) opened a bulk package of spaghetti noodles and orange crackers. I'd already mopped this morning (briefly) after Parker picked up a glass of pina colada (however you spell that) and broke it. Sticky mess everywhere. (I know you sometimes leave your glass sitting on the coffee table and just go to bed too.... just agree and make me feel better) So, today I've mopped my kitchen (on hands and knees b/c I think mops are nasty... weird quirk) 3 times.

If anytime in the next, uh 15 weeks, you decide to come to my house- just look at the walls and not the floor full of toys or the huge mound of clean laundry sitting in the chair just waiting for somebody to put it away. I apologize now.. b/c as the semester rolls on I don't think it's guna get any easier. Week 2 and I already have a quiz everyday.

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  1. Jess -- I took Friday afternoon off just to clean because I was feeling the same way and I knew I would be overwhelmed with being a Mommy, the full time job, classwork & therapy sessions this fall.

    I feel your pain!

  2. Hugs hun. Since I am home all the time, it isn't so bad for me. Unless something unexpected happens like a flooded laundry room, then I go CRAZY!!!


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