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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HELP Me, again...

You realize in my College Career there will be SEVERAL "Help posts". And, I genuinely need your help, just so ya know.

Here's OUR assignment. I/We must write a play. So, why don't you start thinking with me and let's come up with a topic. Hmm, what shall we write about?
I sent out a mass text and got some great replies.
Here's a few possibilities
* A mom, turned college student, who in the midst of it all must still be Mom
* A Crazy Mother-In-Law
* Plastic Surgery, here I was thinking... A girl goes in for boobs and ends up with something else. Something she could go on & on about "big, etc"- adjectives to describe boobs and what she really ends up with. A twist at the end, bam it's a ... (I've actually thought this one over.. haha)
* Depression, perhaps "A Night in the Psych Ward" could be slightly funny
* The day that never ends, everything seems to go wrong. And, when you look back at it later you can't help but laugh. I'd need some major help on this one. Like- you're late, you open the fridge to get your child some milk, and the applesauce falls out & shatters, you lose your keys- but you know where the extra set is, they are just behind the deep freeze where you dropped them last time you had to use them, and your left rear tire is flat, so forget being late- you've already missed appt A, B, & C. But, you'll make it to D 29 minutes late... after a ride in the tow truck to the dealership with some dude that quite obviously hasn't showered in 18 days and was never taught the proper use for deodorant.

We were told that, something we have experienced or a take of something we've been through, or something we enjoy would make the writing experience much more fun. And, yea- someday in 10 years when I'm a Dr, I'll be standing over your bedside having to come up with an Episodic play or you might crash. Can't you see it's relevant to my field of study...?


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  1. But as a doctor story telling is important. in explining to a paitent you need the skills you will learn. Sometimes what we think isin't important really does have a point!. Good luck with your Play!
    Chrisite mom to Julia (cp) Zack and Abby


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