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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Squeak! Squeak!

I bought these shoes for Logen before he was walking thinking the "squeak" when you step would be motivating. We just got them out for Parker. He's worn them to school once before and I was told not to bring him back in them! Miss Julie said it in a funny way.... hey, I had packed an extra pair b/c I figured she'd get annoyed. Yesterday, Parker insisted on wearing them. So, I was like- I'll just let them fight that battle. I put them on him and made sure to pack another pair.

The morning teacher knew he had extra shoes, Miss Julie did not. When I walked in she smiled really big and said, "Jessica I swear I told you don't send those again. haha" I told her he had extras, she said "That would have been nice to know. Esp during nap time. He sat on his cot and stomped his feet so they'd squeak." I had to laugh. He is definitely Mr Rotten.

I really love squeaky shoes for Parker. He likes to dart away from us in public places. When he wears them, I can hear him squeak. I guess it's the mom in me, but they don't annoy me at all. I think they are pretty cute. For some reason the original place we bought them from doesn't have a very good selection anymore. So, I found this on-line store. I will be ordering a new pair~ Mom's of girls-- they have some VERY VERY cute girl shoes!!!!! (That look like expensive 'boutique' shoes)

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