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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kindergarten- HERE WE COME!

My mom & I met with Logen's new school today. Let me tell you, it sounded incredible! The classroom was terrific as well. We toured the school. Everything was wonderful. We met with the Principal, Assist-Principal, Director of Special Ed, The school psychologist, the SLP, the developmental therapist, the Spec Ed teacher, and a few Para's. We also met (in their classrooms) the computer lab teacher, art, music, and gym teacher and nurse.
Here's the plan:
Logen will be in that classroom. He will go to lunch, art, music, and gym with the 'typical' kids- they call those times "specials". Their recess is on the same playground, but they aren't out there with the other 6 K classrooms. If he seems ready, they will intigrate him into their "regular' class starting with center time. They change activities every 15 minutes, the children all have individualized plans- so every 15 minutes they will know whats going on, in case they forgot. They have a 'spec ed bus' that he has the opportunity to ride, if we chose that. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving stuff out.
Most likely, he will start Monday. Therapy is a blur at the moment. He will be getting therapy there, but certainly not what we are used to. And, when I asked about all the 'negative hype' everybody has told me about- their responses were super impressive. My Mom said, "This all sounds great, we will hold you to it. You can certainly talk the talk." The Principal "Mr. O" said, "Oh, yes mam and we can 'walk the walk'". We have several things to get in order. They will 'temporarily' place him until the psych can go through her testing and while we work out the IEP and other papers for me to sign. His teacher has been doing this for 13 years and signs when she talks- super great! They are also very familiar with his 'talker'. We do have to have a 'medical plan' on file before he can start- in case he has a seizure there. I was also impressed that they went to Logen's preschool (Principal, Assist P, Spec Ed Director, Developmental Therapist, and his teacher) to observe him yesterday, so that they could meet him before we talked about him today- they didn't want to talk about a child they hadn't meet before. Not many people will take that time out of their day for that. I am excited about this now, and believe it will be the best option for Logen. Now, we must get outside therapy into play. I would like for him to get atleast 1 of each discipline/per week outside of school.

Please continue with your prayers as we embark on this new territory.

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  1. YEAH!! I am glad that things were made clear for you!! Make sure you have everything documented...if it isn't written in the IEP it doesn't have to happen. Make sure you agree with the whole IEP before you sign.
    Tell Logen to have a great first day!!! We are so proud of him!!

  2. WOW! That sounds terrific keep us posted.

  3. I am so glad that the tour helped to clarify things

  4. Oh, Jess! I'm so glad to hear it went so well. I hope this has helped you to feel better about your choices as Logen's momma. You're a wonderful Momma! Good luck and I'll be looking for updates next week. BTW-I owe you an e-mail response!

  5. Wow!! It does sounds awesome!! I really hope everything works out the BEST!!!


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