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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Crazy 24 Hours!

So here's a glimsp of the last 24 hours with us:

* A very quick trip to ST Louis (drove in late Sunday, got home last night around 11pm)
* A Dr's appt @ CP Center in St Louis
* The Neuro saying, "Has he ever had his hearing tested?" ASKING ABOUT PARKER! B/c of his speech
* 2 new prescriptions
* Increasing the Mg of Zonegran (75mg 2x/day)
* Changing prevacid from AM to PM
* Learned a new stretch to do for hamstrings
* A 6 1/5 hour drive with 2 fussy kiddos
* Walking in to your backdoor cracked open after you've been in a different state since the day before (makes for freaky sleeping!)
* 11 seizures between the hours of 815 am and 215pm.
* A Theatre Lecture Exam (the 1st) in the midst of the seizure activity (made for a stressful test!)
* Administration of Klonopin (which had never been done before)
* 4 phone conversations with the Neuro's office
* A very destructive Logen (he seems to get this way when he has seizures)
* A plant knocked over purposefully, 50% of the dirt ground into the only room in the house with carpet (suprisingly this was NOT Parker)
* 2 kids asleep, 1 stressed out Mom attempting to study while munching on carrots - who is so very ready for the day to be over!

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  1. Oh, Jess.....you got ALOT on your plate these days.!! I'm gonna text you later this afternoon. Hope today is a little better :)
    Love ya!


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