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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

DHS Bites

So, I've been trying to get of our case worker for Logen's medicaid. We have medicaid as a secondary form of insurance. Andrea (Luke's Momma) informed me that we could have our hotel, milage, and food payed for on our St Louis Trip. The purpose of the trip is to take Logen to the St Louis Cerebral Palsy Center (One of the BEST CP centers in the states!) I didn't even know we had a case worker, for one. I've been calling DHS since Friday, leaving messages- nice ones too. Many of you know, I can get kinda hateful when things don't go my way! But, Andrea told me I should be NICE to the case worker so I can get what I want. However, I'm beginning to think nice doesn't work for some people! My mom told me to start by calling 3x today, 4 tomorrow, 5 the next, etc until she calls me back! Maybe that'll work b/c she will be sick or hearing my voice on her voicemail!

I just called and got a mean chica to answer the main line. I said, "I need to speak to Diane regarding my son's TEFRA" She said, "well you don't actually expect to talk to anybody on their lunch break, do you?" I was thinking- you could just send me to her voice mail and let me leave a message. I guess that would be to hard for you to do. She told me to call back after 1pm. Hmmm... I'll probably still get the dang voice mail! So, why does it matter if I leave a msg during her lunch break or not???? I should be able to leave her a msg at midnight if I want to!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me.... on a high horse.... I ride them alot!

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  1. Keep on them girl. Worse case, document how many times you've called and then ask for her manager. Just keep going up the ladder. I hope she calls back sooN!!


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